Gaming Technology

Carlos Ford - 3/14/16 - Period: 9

Personal Story

I chose this topic because every since I was about 6 or 7 I've always played video games. My main game system at that time was the Playstation 2. I still play video games today, but not as much as i use to. When I was about 13 or 14 one of my friends told me about playing my game system online and I've never heard of doing that. There was one day when my friend and I went to another friend's house to play online. That's when I played online for the first time and I got addicted to it right away. I mostly played First Person Shooter games (FPS) like Call Of Duty.

What I wanted to Know

  • Is online gaming affecting our social skills?
  • Is gaming technology good or bad for you?
  • Does playing video games affect teens learning?

Questions I Became the Most Interested In

  • Is online gaming affecting our social skills?
  • Is gaming technology good or bad for you?
Is online gaming affecting our social skills? While researching about these question I found out that online gaming does affect our social skills, but in a good way. Certain online games can actually improve social interaction because some of the online games provide "hang-outs" that usually are for long term purposes as part of the game. So, people who play online games have a place for them to be interactive with other people who play online video games and it's just like a basic hangout in the real-world with their friends having fun.
IS gaming technology good or bad for you? Gamer are actually making a living by just playing their favorite online video game. Since online video games are becoming more advanced, more people are starting to support it. Playing online videos games can have a positive effect on people mentally. Scientist say that limiting the amount of time that you play online video games a day can improve the mind. Also, it makes the brain more stronger and alert.

What did I discover?

I discovered that there are actually professionals that play video games. The average professional makes between $226,776 and $454,544 a year. They make this money from competing in about 30 tournaments around the world.

Articles Used

  • Good and Bad Impacts of Online Gaming
  • Positive and Negatives of Video Games

What I learned in the process

In the process of doing research on gaming , I learned that video games are not as bad as adults think. Teens and adults can actually make a living from just simply playing video games.