Internet Safety

So you can be safe

What is Internet Safety?

Internet safety is being (and staying) safe for not just you, but for others, too.

Internet Safety Tips

1) Do not post any personal information. I know this has been said before. If you put your name, where you live, and your school, that's more than enough information to track you down. Especially, where you live.

2) Never meet anyone online in real life. Relative or not. It's better to have another person standing with you just in case. The internet is a place where people can hide who they really are. Haven't you did that before?

3) Never post anyone's videos, pictures, secrets, et cetera. You wouldn't want your "friend" to do that to you, right? Besides, not only is that rude - because people could post rude comments on it - but there's a reason why that person didn't want to post it online.



1) Do you feel the urge to use an SNS (Social Networking Sites) everyday?

2) Do you feel neglected or alone, and use SNS almost obsessively?

3) Do you want everyone to know how your day is spent?

(E) If you said yes to any of these, you are prey to internet pedophiles.

Use the Net Safely