Using Edmodo

What is it, and how can you use it?


Edmodo is an online space where your student and the MCMC teachers will be able to communicate in and outside of school. Like Facebook, Edmodo allows students to cultivate a digital life and profile, but unlike many social media sites Edmodo is closed to anyone who is not a student, parent, or teacher. Only you or a teacher can access any personal information shared between student and teacher, and teachers have the ability to shut down any behavior on class pages that goes against school policy.

Signing Up

It is easy to register for Edmodo, and your students have already set up their own accounts. Because of this, they have a parent code that allows you to view their activity on Edmodo. Signing up begins on the front page, where there is a link labeled "I'm a Parent". This will take you to the registration page, which asks for basic information (and that parent code). When you complete that form, you should be connected with that student.

How will Edmodo be used?