Dmitri Mendeleev

The person to thank for the periodic table

The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table - Lou Serico

Dmitri mendeleev

During 1868 and 1870 was when he was writing his seminal work the principles of chemistry and that's when he came up with his most influential idea, the periodic law. The theory was if you arranged elements by similar properties and by atomic weight they would appear periodically in rows, he illustrated this in the revolutionary periodic table of all known elements, at the time there were only about 60.

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Dmitri Mendeleev another fact

Dmitri grew up in Russia and was raised as an Orthodox Christian. His grandfather was a priest. He later when on and married and when he was a teacher he fell madly in love and obsessed with one of his students he told her if she did not marry him he would kill him self. The only thing wrong with the marriage aside with him basically forcing her to marry him so he would not kill him self was the simple fact he was already married and the church did not approve. But with the Zar of his side he goes on with the marriage and divorces his wife. Zar also makes him the director of The Bureau of weights and measures where his job was to come up with the official standards of production of vodka. To this day all Russian vodka must be exactly 40 percent alcohol. He also pioneered the study of petroleum and help found Russia's first oil refinery. in 1906 He was nominated for a Nobel prize for his periodic law but sadly did not get it. Unfortunately the following year he passed away but left many of his known legacies
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