Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a famous American Youtuber

Tyler Oakley is a Youtuber, podcast personality, humorist, author and activist who has been making Youtube videos for over 9 years. Inspiring, giving advice, and just making hilarious videos for people all around the world to enjoy!

Mathew is Tyler's actual name and Tyler happens to be his middle name. Tyler Oakley has always preferred people to call him by his middle name, since he was called Tyler in class since kindergarten and his family has referred to him as Tyler ever since then as well.

Important Programs Tyler Supports

Tyler Oakley support a major campaign that is well-known to today's society. He puts so much effort and time into helping people deal with problems and changes that may be occurring in their lives, such as the future LGBTQ and supporting the Trevor Project. LGBTQ is a very controversial topic in the country and around the world today and he does everything in his power to help LGBTQ. Considering he is gay himself, he knows how difficult it can be to come out, as he pointed out in his novel Binge. LGBTQ, standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, Tyler Oakley has been the loudest, most supportive Youtuber that speaks in favor of the LGBTQ community. The Trevor Project is a program that has been vigilantly helping and preventing the depressed teenagers that may have considered committing suicide.

Tyler Oakley has been involved in the campaign for a long time, not only supporting the Trevor Project, but being actively involved in helping it stay alive and acknowledged. Using his birthdays to promote fundraising for LGBTQ youth, he wanted to make a difference in so many young lives. For his birthday he wanted to raise 150,000 dollars for the Trevor Project and in the time that followed, fans and supporters came to the rescue. All around the country, people donated money to the cause, quickly passing Tyler's original goal to 525,704 dollars!

A few of the many accomplishments he has made

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