AM National Newsletter

#19 | Week 1 | December 2015

LEAD Summit ends today!

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This weekend a very special summit was held for over 50 young leaders - the LEAD Summit! The 50 tribal leaders for MyLDS and our 5 national oGCP ambassadors were immersed in hosted spaces - being engaged and involved in small, private groups where they were able to think, share and display their evolving mastery of the art of conversation

Roles and LCs were irrelevant at LEAD Summit, where the emphasis was in understanding who we are as humans outside of AIESEC and how we can accelerate this learning experience in others. For that, delegates were not told how the agenda looked like and were even led through sessions outdoors and in different venues.

The Quest for the Next MCP has begun!

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The search for the next Member Committee President of AIESEC in Malaysia has begun!
Do you have what it takes to lead an entire nation? Apply now until the 3rd of January of 2016 at 11:59pm GMT+8 - remember, there is only one round!

Vote of Confidence will be cast at the end of the biggest conference of the year - MyLDS 2016 in Perak! (27th of January).

More national news!

MC Office Updates

Who is out of office?

This Week: John (APLS Thailand)

Next Week: Hanne (2020 Launch USA); Manu (NLDC Singapore); Edward (10th onwards) (Taiwan)

What is the MC up to?

Hanne (MCP)

-> SG Meeting and Proxy Transition to JT

Hui Yeen (FL)

-> YS Follow Up and OD Investment Analysis

John (Ops) - [[Out of Office - Proxy: Hui Yeen]]

-> APLS Thailand Faciing

Jane (oGCP)

-> LC Matching Support and EYP Coordination

Peter (iGTP)

-> EY Partnership Review and Matching Initiative

Sin Ting (oGTP)

-> EP LEAD Delivery

Erik (S&S)

-> Maybank Ambassadorship Programme and iGCP Pre-RE

Manu (OD)

-> LEAD Summit Delivery and MyLDS Agenda Management

Ana (TM)

-> LEAD Summit and HR BI November Analysis

JT (Exp)

-> Expansion Plan for Q1

Paul (Marketing)

-> Winter Peak Marketing Review and LCVP Education

Kenny (BD)

-> BD Restructure, YSF Management and MyLDS ER Management

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