Mt. Park "Staff Stuff"

Friday, August 23, 2013

On-line Communication Resources

Thought I would share a web site that is easy to increase communication with parents. provides a free site to create on-line newsletters, ads, homework posts, etc.

As I was observing classes today, I noticed Ms. Raque's classroom in the computer lab using an on-line resource called SCOOTPAD. Check it out when you have time. An innovative method to communicate and work on common core standards.

Welcome to New Staff

Please join me in welcoming Tanya Griffith, kindergarten paraprofessional, and Diane White, pre-k paraprofessional.

Ms. White comes to us as an itinerant para and was assigned to Kris Ferry by the district. She will be at MPES until the district-level supervisor determines she is needed elsewhere.

PTA Wants to Help

PTA needs to determine the number of students in your class who may need shoes and clothing. If you have a student in need, please send me:


Clothing Size:

Shoe Size:

I will not send PTA the names of students. I will only provide the clothing and shoe size so they can purchase what is needed.

Cafeteria Line

Please have your class on time for the serving line. If a couple of classes show up late, it impacts other classes. Thanks.

Mountain Park Care Team Meets

Mt. Park Care Team will meet Monday @ 3:05 PM in David Young's office.

Clean up, Clean Up...

Please make sure your little friends are helping clean the room each day before we leave. Our custodians work hard to make Mt. Park a clean, safe environment. Let's help them.

Also, please let Mr. Lyron know if you have any after school clubs, meetings, etc. so he can inform his staff.

Y'all Come Session

Wednesday, Aug. 28th 2013 at 3pm

Media Center

Heather will be sharing information about Aesop and the on-line leave requests.