Mrs. Hilbrecht's Homeroom Updates

Week of April 7, 2014

Career Kickoff!

During the 4th marking period, students will research and write about careers. To "kickoff" this event, the fifth grade team has invited a variety of speakers to join us on Tuesday, April 8th. Students will have the chance to hear about what led our speakers to their careers, education or training required, and what a day on the job is like!

Don't forget that Thursday, April 24th is Take Your Child to Work Day. What a valuable way to share a day in the life of your (or a family member's) career with your child. This is considered an excused absence - just make sure you submit a note to school!

Curriculum Corner

Reading - Students will identify the compare/contrast text structure as we read about animal eyes!

Writing - After exploring informative poetry, students will choose a topic and create poems of their own!

Science - Now that we know the parts of a cell and how plant and animal cells differ, students will explore specialized cells.

Social Studies - After mentally mapping the west, students will explore goods and services.