Ms. Kohler and Ms. Kennell´s

Classroom Management Plan

Dear parents,

Your student has done a great job in helping establish our classroom expectations. We want to provide a comfortable learning environment for your student. Along with this, we expect each student to respect one another, to be responsible in the classroom, and to be ready to learn. In return, we will allow them to explore their learning through hands-on experiments, technology, and social interactions.


1. Raise your hand when speaking

2. Walk quietly in the halls

3. Turn assignments in to the correct bin

4. Put backpack and lunchbox in cubby at the beginning of the day

5. Clear out mailboxes at the end of the day


1. Be kind to one another

2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

3. Be honest


1. Be prepared to learn

2. Respect one another

3. Encourage one another

4. Listen when someone else is speaking

5. Act like a scholar