People of the Titanic

Staff and Passenger populations on the Titanic

The tragedy of the century

The night that the Titanic sank was a tragedy. Many lives were lost. This poster will tell you all about the passengers and staff on the Titanic


This section will show population facts of the people that were on the Titanic.

1. The total amount of passengers that the Titanic could carry was 2,566.

2. There was approximately only 1,317 passengers.

3. There were 324 first class passengers.

4. There were 284 second class passengers.

5. There were 709 third class passengers.

6. There were 107 children, mainly in third class.

7. There was a total of 2,222 people on board (passengers and crew).

8. On lifeboat #1, there were only 12 people out of a possible 40.

9. There were 805 adult male passengers.

10. There were 402 adult female passengers


This section will show population facts of the crew that was on the Titanic.

1. There were 908 crew members on the Titanic.

2. There were 696 crew members who lost their lives.

3. 212 crew members survived.

4. 76% of crew members died, even more than third class.

5. 724 crew members were from Southampton.

6. 549 crew members from Southampton died in the sinking.

7. 885 crew members were male.

8. 23 crew members were female.

9. There were 25 engineers.

10. The two youngest crew members were 14.