The Winds Of the World

An informational flyer about the different types of winds

Basics of the wind

wind: wind is the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure

What causes wind : wind is caused by unequal heating of earths surface and differences in atmospheric pressure.

Local Winds

Local Winds: local winds are winds that blow over a short distance.

local winds are created by unequal heating on earths surface and unequal air pressure.

Sea Breezes: sea breezes are local winds that blow from an ocean to the land. they usually happen during the day

Land Breezes: Land breezes are local winds that blow from the land over an ocean. They usually happen during the night.

land breezes and ocean breezes

Global winds

Global winds

Global Winds: Global winds are winds that blow over a very large area.

Global winds are created when large areas of earths surface have unequal heating and unequal air pressure. When this happens, giant convection currents occur. Warm air rises at the equator, and cold air sinks at the poles, This causes differences in air pressure, and makes the winds blow, creating global winds.

Doldrums: doldrums are located near the equator, where earths surface is very hot, warm air rises steadily, creating an area of low pressure. cool air moves into the area but is warmed rapidly before it moves anywhere, so there is little horizontal motion, and the winds there are very weak.

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Trade Winds

Trade winds are located between 0 and 30 degrees latitude and are very strong. Sailors used these winds to help them sail to other countries to trade goods.
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Jet Streams

Jet streams are bands of very strong winds in the upper troposphere. Air planes use these to faster and save fuel.
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Polar Easterlies

Polar easterlies blow from the North pole to the south poles.
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