Kendall LeDoux

If you're handed something you can handle it.

Three words to describe me.

Dependable: If my friends or anyone needs me I will always be there. You can always depend on me to be there if you need me.
Passionate: I have always had a passion for helping and leading others in my community no matter who they are I will always want to help.
Dedicated: I am very dedicated to my work and what I do to help others. I always have some sort of dedication to everything that is handed to me.

Qualities that make me a strong leader.

I possess many qualities that make me a strong leader. One quality is that I am responsible when it comes to my work and leadership. I am also self reliant I mainly depend on myself so that I don't get slowed down by relying on people. Finally I am confident which helps me achieve my goals which in turn makes me more confident.

"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves."

Someone who serves as my inspiration.

Someone who serves as an inspiration for me would be my sister Kailyn. About two years ago she started to hang out with the wrong people which eventually led to her getting into drugs. She started to run away and was always partying, doing drugs, and just not going on the path. In late October of 2014 we had to send her to a treatment center. She was there for 6 months and for about 4 of those months I could not see or communicate with her. Finally in April 2015 she came back home. For a few weeks she was on the right path then she got back into her old habits. We've had police show up to our house because of her, and she got arrested. After that we had no choice but to kick her out and get a trespassing order against her so she couldn't come back to our house. Since she could not come and live with us anymore she had nowhere to go and was going from "friend" to "friend". Eventually she hit complete rock bottom. She realized the path she was on was not the right one. She now lives with my grandma and is trying to find a job and start fresh because she never wants to go back to her life she had last year. She is my inspiration because even through all of these things she has gone through she was able to turn her life around and start over down the right path.

Three intersting facts about me.

  • I am one of only six 7th graders to be on the Twin Rivers cheerleading team.
  • I have two sisters that were adopted from China.
  • I have cheered for five years.

Three things I hope to gain from serving as a leader.

  • To serve as a role model for my peers.
  • Create a school community that accepts everybody's differences.
  • Inspire others to "Expect Excellence in Everything."