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Burlington Township Foundation Message to Members ~ 6/7/15

Welcome to the end of the school year...... hard to believe it is already here! With that, we have to get prepared to roll into our next fiscal year which begins July 1. We had our final general meeting of the year on Monday; unfortunately, with busy times only a few were in attendance so I am sharing some important information here with everyone. Please pass this along to your newly-elected officers.

Submit Fundraising and Event Dates by 6/14

The school district is meeting internally and with the Foundation on June 15 to setup the calendar for the coming year. It is important that we have all dates for next year from each group submitted to the Foundation by June 14 so that a comprehensive joint calendar can be completed and we can avoid conflicts.

With numerous organizations holding events in our district, the Foundation groups members are placed on the calendar before outside organizations. Foundation group members' events are set early in the year to avoid any conflicts and/or duplication and allowing all Foundation group members to have equal opportunity to hold their events.

Once we have received confirmation of events we will post on the Foundation Calendar. Then events will be listed on our Website, Facebook and shared with each school building administration and the school district.

When submitting dates please also fill out the Use of School Facilities - Application Form.


Calendar Link

After the calendar is initially set for the year, be sure to submit all calendar changes and additions to the Foundation when you are aware of them and we will work with the school district to be sure they are aware as well; this will help to ensure that we avoid conflicts between events.

Submit New Officer Information Following Elections

The Foundation needs to record information about the new officers of the groups. Please forward right after your elections so we can have this updated prior to the start of the new fiscal year on July 1.

download form here

Public Relations

Submit all advertising needed for events to the Foundation; we will submit to each school building administration and to the school district. This includes requests for the Falcon Flyer or any of the individual school's emails, printed flyers, and the electronic sign outside of the PAC.

Gaming Events

All gaming events require a license and the application must be submitted to the Foundation no later than 90 days before the date of the event. If you have any of these events in the first few months of the school year, don't forget to get the applications taken care of over the summer so that there is sufficient time to submit to and have processed by the township and the state.

Website & Social Media

Our public website contains group members' information, news and upcoming events.

At this time we have several group members listed on our website. We would like to have all group members' information listed. This gives families one central location to find each group member's information and events. Visit our website for examples; see Project Graduation and HSFA pages.

Upcoming Events are also posted within the group members’ pages and under “Upcoming Events” tab. For a quick view see Coming Soon, which is the primary source of information we share through the BTF Connection and our Facebook page.


In addition to our public Website at, please be sure to regularly visit our Group Members' Website to find important information and forms; here are a few links to that site:

BTF Group Members' Home Page

Procedure Manual


Orientation Meeting

Tuesday, July 14th 2015 at 7pm


Each year we hold an orientation meeting to provide new information, review policies and procedures, and to welcome new officers to the various groups. Please plan to have all officers attend this meeting at 7:00 on July 14. Meeting place is still being determined.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.