Fidel Castro

The ruler of Cuba

Physical Appearance

He stands at 6 feet 3 inches, Usually seen with a beard

Was rebellious as a child

He is known for being a very convincing speaker and the masses will follow him.

"On Sunday night, the Caribbean island's leaders reaffirmed their grip on absolute power with a mass rally of roughly 500,000 Castro supporters at Havana's Revolution Square.

But the show of strength, while enough to reestablish a tense calm, does not address the cause of the unrest."


For Fidels view on religion, he grew up with a christian background but he interpreted it the same as Lennin or Marx.

"We have even spoken here of some of the eminent theoreticians of this century who have played a role and whose ideas may have certain validity; but we must bring together the ethical and humane sense of many ideas, some of which emerged in very remote times of man's history: Christ's ideas with the scientifically founded socialist ideas, so just and profoundly humane, of Karl Marx, the ideas of Engels (Applause.)

Personal Skills

Some of Fidels best qualities are speaking to crowds and people and persuading them to let him lead them.

He is known for his Charisma which is a big factor of why so many people followed him.\ and also always had the help of military force.

"The personalistic political leader is portrayed as godlike: as a singular force determining the lives of millions of people. His benevolence, wisdom, and universal genius are touted as being able to solve all problems."

Ability to recruit and gain support

Being that Castro’s personality was so magnetic, it is only logical that if he wanted to start some sort of group, he could easily convince people to get behind him and support his ideas. Castro showed this off at a very young age, starting political groups in college and ultimately becoming eligible as a candidate for Congress for the Cuban People’s Party.

Castro’s magnetic personality also came into play when acquiring foreign allies, such as Russia, as he could come across as a smart, likeable person. Also, it probably didn’t hurt that Castro looked at communist ideals and leaders on the same level as Christ and the teachings of such.

Personal History

As a young lawyer, Castro usually represented poor people who could not afford to pay him, setting him back monetarily. Castro, however, was much more involved and determined to succeed for the poor as he resented the power and wealth of American businessmen who appeared to control Cuba. This resentment drew Castro to the Cuban People’s Party as they accused government officials of taking bribes and running the country for the benefit of the United States.


An advocate for the poor, Castro was determined to get corruption out of office in Cuba so as to see his people be treated fairly and justly by someone who understood them. After a lot of consideration, Castro came to the realization that a revolution would be the only way to fix the country, to overthrow Batista (the leader of Cuba at that time), ultimately leading to Castro becoming the President

Ruthless Streak

As Castro had built up so much resentment for the United States, he made several controversial decisions which upset the US, as well as the people of Cuba. This, obviously lead to displeasure amongst the Cuban people and ultimately lead to people wanting reform and revolting against Castro. This hostility in Cuba lead to many rumors of a secret police funded by tourism and lead by Castro, however Cuban citizens say that there is no secret police and finding evidence of such is very hard.