Hannah's Stagecoaches are one of a kind.


- Created in 1826

- Created by J. S. Abbot and Lewis Downing

- The undercarriage color would normally be a bright yellow with the coach being the purchaser's choice.

- The typical exterior color used would scarlet red or green

- Between 1827 though 1899 the companies of Addot and Downing and Sons created over 3,000 Concord Stagecoaches.

- There was 'swig' stations for the stagecoach. The stagecoach would stop for no more than 10 minutes so the passengers to stretch.


- Quick mail service

- Very sturdy

- Very fast

- Had plenty of space for passengers and their things

- Safe and comfortable


- The road was rough enough to shake the rider

- Could be uncomfortable at some points

- Skittish horses


-J.S. Abbot and Lewis Downing created the Concord stagecoach.

- The first stagecoach was invented in Europe.

How it impacted North Dakota

- Stagecoaches were used regularly to go in and out of the Red River land.

- A company called Northwest Express and Transportation created a rout from Bismarck to Deadwood.

- In 1878 the editor of a Denver newspaper said, " The Bismarck route from the Northern Pacific Railway is the best patronized road running into the Black Hills."

Importance to settling in the west

- It brought people to the west

- It carried goods to the west

- It was a very safe way to travel

Stagecoach craftsman