Create Your Own VR Tour

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Taking Pictures

Some phones have the ability to take 360 degree pictures, but iPhones will only take panoramic photos.

Some tips to get the best photos:

  • Most phones have either a panorama picture mode or a 360 photosphere mode. If you have an iPhone and want a 360 photo, you can try the Google Street View App to make that happen. Find Google Street View in the App Store. Have an Android and no way to take pictures? Try the Google Street View App or the Cardboard Camera App in the Play store.
  • Some apps use photos taken as a series of pictures that are stitched together, while others use photos that are taken with constant movement of the phone. You have to plan ahead more if you need constant motion.
  • Keep the phone in exactly the same place as you take the pictures; using a tripod can help.
  • Sometimes as you are taking the photo, it looks kind of messy and like nothing is lining up. Be persistent, because sometimes it works better than you think it will! It may take a few tries to get it exactly right.
  • in 360 photos, the straight down picture can be the toughest. Plan ahead how you will take the pic without getting your feet in it!
  • VR Tour Builder allows you to add important spots in your image. Set up your photos so the items of interest will be easy to find and label.

Once your photos are ready, they may need to be resized. To be added to Google VR Tours they must be no more that

Things to remember

Please do not publish any personally identifying information on your photo.

You will be able to add points of interest as well as audio narration and ambient sound to your tour before publishing. Narration and points of interest are great ways to include specific content in your project.

You can make your tour unlisted instead of public. As long as someone has the link they can view it.