cold war events

naomi carter

nato vs warsawpact

  1. this cartoon shows that the allicance of free and democratic nations vs the communist
  2. they were really dangerous because they alway were at war or always wanted war

arms race

they had a war on who had the biggest weapons but at the same time they were useing there weapons at the same time

berlin wall

  1. the wall stoped people from leaving the sovletpart of berlin
  2. they couldnt even leave cause if they tryed they wuld end up dead
  3. so they would try to mess with the fbi

space race

the space race was a race and the point of that was so who ever got to space first could put satellites to spy on the other side

cuban missile crisis

jfk and cuba are arm wrestling and and they were sitting on bombs and jfk wa goin to pres the button if he was to lose and cuba was going to blow up