My Poetry Anthology

Ashton Lochtefeld

A Little about this crazy Girl

Ashton Lochtefeld, born in Grapevine, Texas, has recently begun her journey into writing beautiful poetry, in which she enjoys taking the time to write. She didn't really think poetry was her "thing", however she is beginning to discover it may be her new time killer, when she has free time.

Where I am from

I am microphones,

from smoothie king, and Pink

I am from chocolate brown bricks, and stones.

I am from prickly pear Cacti, beautiful bluebonnets, and a bright sun that makes the sunflowers grow.

I am from ballpark trips, and mile long legs, from Heather to Dale.

I am from from "get your life together", and "straighten up your act", from "turn that frown upside down", and "Santa clause is coming to town".

I am from father, son, holy, spirit, amen.

I am from Baylor Medical Center, from family of six sisters, and one brother, spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread.

From the toothbrush tug of war that caused stiches on my sisters forehead, the time my dad ate the dogs bacon strips, by accident.

I am from drawers, and cupboards, scattered with billion's of pictures. The awesome and not so awesome days. The pictures my mama took of me sucking my thumb, with my little blanket named Tommy. The times when we'd dunk our face in a bucket of water to "bob for apples", and simply pictures of all our big smiles.

Narrative Poem "The Everyday Struggle"

She was always alone, never included into anything, she dreamed to be so many things. She wished she could fit in, and be as pretty, cool, and popular as all of them. She wished she could close her eyes, and never wake up again. They always called her awful names, never truly seeing her, for her. Once they started with the name calling, they wouldn't quit. It was like record that never stops playing. She thought she could let all the name calling go above her, but it was all to much. One morning she woke up, and looked into the mirror that she dreaded looking into to; her reflection scared her. All the names they called her, played on repeat, and she started to believe everything. She decided to take a pill for every name said, by the time she finished the entire bottle was gone. Her soul flew with the wind, along with the shallow remarks, dancing with the wind. She had nothing left, she was now the person she thought she was; leaving all of her family behind, never understanding her importance. She only believed what was in her mind. Stop Bullying.

Structure Poem "This Is My Heart"

This means the world to me, if I could be anything on this planet, it would be to do what I love. To Perform everyday, in front of thousands. To impact individuals who want to be just like me. It's a stress reliever, and something i enjoy more than anything else out there.

It wouldbe awesome

If I could

Travel the world

And do what I Love the most is music

Freedom is

singing singing

one day I want to Get the chance the sing the national national anthem at a large sporting event

I want to Be BIG

I want the world to know ME.