Please Stop Laughing At Me

Sydney Logar

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Summary Of The Story

Please Stop Laughing At Me by Jodee Blanco is based on a true story of how when she was younger, and all through high school, she got bullied. Jodee started off as another popular classmate. She became friends with a disabled child and everyone started to hated her. Jodee and her parents decided it was best to move her to another school. In doing so, the popularity came back. Until she was invited to a party with her friend Callie. There they played strip spin the bottle and kiss and tell. Jodee got so uncomfortable to the point where she called her mother and said on page 59 “mom, please pick me up. Kids are doing it in the closet.” That caused the party to get shut down and soon everyone hated her again. The beatings never stopped. It got so bad to the point where she had to see a therapist. As Jodee grew, she started to develop. But developed incorrectly. She had a different body than everyone else. She didn’t want anyone knowing so she hid under layers of clothing. That didn’t stop anyone. She eventually graduated and years passed. Jodee was very successful. Then came the high school reunion. Jodee got so nervous for nothing. Everyone was kind and regretful and realized how dumb they were. They then all had a good time at the reunion and Jodee was finally happy again.

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Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco was just like any other student. She was smart, she loved to learn and all she wanted in life was to fit in. Her mother and father felt deeply truly sorry for her but they didn't know what they should do. She was bullied for so many reasons, so many dumb reasons like helping disabled, ending a stupid party, having a body deformity, and being smart. On page 39 a boy quotes "Why do you use such big words? You don't even know what they mean". Although she did know what it meant, no one understood her. She didn't think anyone would ever understand her.
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Jodee's conflict is character vs. society. She feels this because on page 41, Jodee said "Not being teased is one thing. Not having friends is another". She is saying this about her school friends because everyone seems to be against her. Even the teachers think it is not that big a deal. They don't know what is really happening. Jodee never really resolved the conflict. She graduated high school and didn't see her bullies for a long time.
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I chose this to be the theme because that is exactly what is happening. Jodee is trying to ignore the people around her and it works at first and as she gets older that's exactly how things start to work. They're all behind her and not worth the tears.
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I gave this book 3.5 start because although it is a good book, I feel that Jodee is somehow fabricating this story. I just have a small opinion and I still believe some of it happened but maybe not all of it.
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"Please Stop Laughing at Me" Movie Trailer


For my multi-media I did a trailer of what would be the movie. I don't think there really is a movie but this trailer seemed accurate. (This link worked when I wasn't at school but I think it's blocked.)


I only used the book to cite my sources.