Spring 2015

Kindergarten Classes

We are off to a wonderful start in Kindergarten GATES classes! Check out some of the amazing brain Pic Collages the students created on the iPads!!

1st Grade GATES

World Travelers!! G' Day Mate from Australia!!! We are now loving the land "down under"!! Students are loving learning about this amazing continent! Especially all of the animals!
Check out some work the students created from their research on China.

2nd Grade GATES

We are engineers working with simple machines!! Each week we have had a mystery bag full of supplies that students have had to turn into a working machine!! Take a look at our catapults!!

3rd Grade GATES

3rd graders have taken architecture to a whole new level!! They have done some amazing research and have created Padlets to show what they know!! Take a look!!!!

4th Grade GATES

Wow!! Travel back in time with us!! Our ancient civilization theme park models are super cool! Way to go amazing archaeologists!!!

5th Grade GATES

The students in 5th grade are getting ready to showcase their innovative ideas to a live audience--Shark Tank style!! Here are a few of the ideas!!!