Javascript Developer


errnio is seeking a full stack JavaScript developer

Hands on with both client-side and server-side experience, who has worked with complex javascript projects, preferably skilled in NodeJS and client side development.


  • 2+ years professional experience with Web Development / Web Technology


  • Experience in mobile web development
  • Advanced HTML & CSS (including SASS/LESS) skills
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript; including functional programming, prototypal inheritance, and common patterns


  • Full stack development experience
  • Experience with NoSQL databases - Advantage
  • Experience with NodeJS - Advantage


  • Self-learner, who loves investigating stuff and who can take responsibility for project from start to finish
  • Takes pride in their work & ability, and isn’t satisfied until reaching that pixel-perfect look
  • Great passion for building high-performance, beautifully architectured products

Enjoy our unique benefits!

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