A Message from the Superintendent

Teacher Work Stoppage Community Letter

April 8, 2018

Ketchum Public Schools Parents and Community:

On behalf of the Ketchum Public School staff, we would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your support and understanding during the teacher work stoppage. We appreciate your patience and show of support as we know that this was inconvenient for everyone. However, this situation is vital for the continued education of our students and students across our state.

The most important thing the Ketchum staff would like you to realize is that the walkout was FOR your students! Our staff has witnessed over the last decade the effects of decreased funding in the forms of overcrowded classrooms, out of date curriculum and a large teacher shortage just to name a few. As a fellow educator and most importantly a parent, I am so very proud of our staff and can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find more dedicated and caring people than those from Ketchum Public Schools!

We are happy to report that because of the work of teachers, parents, and community members from all over Oklahoma, progress was made for educational funding! After long hours of bus rides, standing in long lines to talk to our legislators and making our presence known, several bills were passed that will help in creating a long term funding solution. Although the teacher pay-raise was appreciated, especially because there is a severe teacher shortage in our state because of low pay, adequate funding for schools was equally as important. Thankfully, some progress was made in both areas.

In addition to the teacher pay-raise bill and support staff raises, on Friday there were two additional bills passed that in combination with other revenue bills, will create new revenue for educational funding. They are now awaiting the signature of the governor. Although this is a huge step in the right direction, additional revenue measures are still being advocated for at the capitol in the upcoming days. We are optimistically hopeful that these measures will be passed as well.

We will be back in school on Monday and will continue to support the efforts at the capitol by sending a delegation group. We will also be in school on Friday, April 13th which was scheduled to be a snow day. At this point, we have enough hours banked to cover the additional four days. It is our sincere hope that the revenue bills passed and awaiting signatures will indeed cover the services they were specified for and schools can get back to normal. If this happens and we do not miss any more school, our last day is still scheduled for May 11th.

Again, thank you to our community for the continued support. It is our privilege to serve your children.

We look forward to seeing our students!


Joy Taylor