Chisholm Summer Adventures

Week 7: Music/Art

Tate - Music/Art

PK-2 Creating a coloring tool

We need to color, but there is nothing to color with. Help! Make a tool for coloring. Try using things from nature or around the house.

Grades PK-2 Art Fun

PK-5 Math and Art Activities

Mathematics and art intersect in our world in beautiful ways. Many mathematicians draw upon art and many artists draw upon mathematics. When mathematics and art come together, students are often inspired and they can start to see mathematics as a beautiful and creative subject.

PK-5 Tear Art

Using torn pieces of paper, create a visual representation of your community or basic landforms (such as mountains).

PK-5 Better Kids

Grades 3-5 Explore the Arts

Art isn't just drawing or painting, click on the link to learn more.

3-5 Trash to Treasure

Pretend that Edmond is having a trash-to-treasure day. People have asked you to design a sculpture. Use at least 10 items to make your sculpture. You must use items that were going to be thrown away or recycled. You may use tape or glue to hold the parts together. Your sculpture must be able to stand on its own for at least 15 seconds.

PK-5 IXL Challenge of the Week

In the month of July, Chisholm Chargers have answered 4,288 IXL questions!

PK-2 Digital Citizenship

Watch the video about Digital Citizens who take a pledge to "travel" the internet safely! Discuss the following questions with an adult at home:

1. The Digital Citizens pledge to travel safely on the internet. What was one thing you learned from the Digital Citizens?

2. Why is it a good idea to set a time limit when using technology?

3. Why shouldn't you share your username and password with other people?


3-5 Digital Citizenship

Watch the video about cyberbullying and discuss the following questions with an adult at home:

1. What is cyberbullying?

2. What are some things you can do if you see cyberbullying?

3. Bullying and cyberbullying are both unacceptable, but what makes cyberbullying different?

*from Common Sense Media