Beyond "Connecting"

Building business with LinkedIn

Most LinkedIn Seminars talk about how to use LinkedIn...

This interactive session will cover how to use LinkedIn to create business!!

Main Topics

1) LI Profile and Search Strategies

Find others and be found

2) Getting the Introduction and Nailing the Appointment!

Bring your laptop or tablet to make live updates but beware, the pace is fast

Who Should Attend:

✔ Sales Managers and Executives that know their salespeople use LI but are unsure how to measure accountability or salespeople’s effectiveness creating business with the tool

✔ Account Managers and Customer Service reps who are frustrated by their inability to “land and expand” in their large, multi-national, multi-division key accounts

✔ Salespeople who are fed up with cold calls asking “Am I speaking to the person responsible for….”

✔ Consultants with an established LI network but are unsure they are fully leveraging LI for introductions and direct business conversations

✔ Salespeople and executives spinning wheels on repetitive actions like sending emails, brochures, and capabilities decks instead of spending time with their families in the evening or high potential sales conversations during the day

✔ Service providers tired of being lumped in with everybody else even though you know you're a differentiated solution

✔ Solopreneurs who spend too much time explaining about themselves rather than being selective about their next gig

✔ Consultants or Subject Matter Experts that feel like they have to hard sell to get speaking engagements and panel invites

✔ Past attendees of some other LinkedIn seminar who are wondering how to get and nail that first conversation after all your hard LinkedIn work

Presented by Sandler Training

At Sandler Training, we aren’t social media consultants, we are Sales Consultants.

We love LinkedIn but find too many salespeople use LinkedIn to use LinkedIn. The important steps of getting appointments, succeeding in the first appointment and getting decisions are lost in the computer screen and the endless hours of research that may even be a form of procrastination by the salespeople unwilling to pick up the phone.

Join Sandler Training and Ellen Leanse to get the full scoop on using LinkedIn effectively for new business

In This Interactive Workshop, you will learn..

□ Your LI profile is not a resume - it’s a lead generating tool, and how to optimize it

□ Why LinkedIn has won the race as the ultimate business tool and how to get your fair share

□ Strategies to integrate LI with all of your other lead gen activities for maximize impact and “stickiness”

□ How to ask for introductions that get results without “turning off” your network of colleagues

□ The time wasting “black holes” on LinkedIn to avoid and the fertile activities to focus on

□ The 4 biggest mistakes salespeople make in the first 5 minutes of a conversation with a prospect they’ve found through LinkedIn

□ How to get and book appointments with targeted higher probability prospects

□ What to say to start off the conversation with a prospect you obtained through LinkedIn

□ Linked mail scripts and techniques

□ The 5 deadly sins of LI appointment setting

□ Time management strategies for LinkedIn efficiency

□ Measurements and metrics for salespeople and managers to insure intermediate progress

Meet Your Presenters

Plus Special Guest, Ellen Leanse!

Online pioneer and Silicon Valley innovator, communicator, change agent. Veteran of Apple, Google, Facebook application development, and early-stage entrepreneurship. Global thinker with proven impact in social platform innovation and crowdfunding/direct investment strategies. Named one of technology’s top five marketers.

Details and Investment

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014, 8am-Noon

Location: Golden Gate University

536 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

General Pricing: $299 Per Person

Early registration (by Friday, April 25th)

only $249.

Past and current clients of Sandler Training should contact us for VIP pricing packages