Hi, i'm Luis

Where to begin?

I guess i'll start with my name is Luis. I live with my mom, my sister, my brother, and my nephew. My sisters name is Laura, she is 21 years old and currently a junior at SHSU and has a son named Diego who is 4 years old and turning 5 in September. My little brothers name is Paolo and he is a 5th grader that goes to Huntsville intermediate. My little nephew Diego is a pre-kindergarden boy who goes to Gibbs Pre-k center. I have with my mom for the past 6 years ever since my parents have divorced, my father remarried and moved to Richmond. Due to this I only see him two weekends a month. My mother is a wonderful woman, she has the most patience in the world. In my opinion my mother she was and still is the best support for me and my siblings, saying this i don't mean to say that my father is a bad person. He just got busy with his new life and new step child.

Favorite memories

like any other person I have various good memories, but if i had to put one on top I would put when my grandmother came. She is my grandma from my moms side. I say this because my grandma comes ever so often, she comes from South America in a little country called Bolivia. Every time she comes she is one of the few people who can get my mom smile like she means it. last time she came was 2 years ago during the summer. she spent most of her time with my mother, laughing and arguing like she does with my sister. Even though they argued my mother actually enjoyed it and it made me feel happy for her.

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal would be a dog because in my opinion is an animal that is intelligent, friendly, loyal, and playful. In comparison to other animals you can domesticate and turn them in very good friends, regardless the race, color, and size, the dog will always mans best friend!

My favorite hobby

My favorite hobby would be anything that is related to the technology. With technology it is with literary anything from and iPad to a computer, or a smartphone to a PlayStation. I like it all, I find it interesting.