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Antrim Elementary School November 10, 2022

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From the Principal's Desk

What a fun afternoon with our annual Turkey Trot! The weather was beautiful, and everyone enjoyed running like the wind. This was a nice transitional activity into a 3-day weekend. Thank you so much to the many parent volunteers who served water and cider, and thanks to all of the families who came to cheer.

I wanted you to know that the state requires that we practice different emergency drills each month. We meet with Antrim police and fire to schedule these drills. On or about November 28th, we will be conducting a "Drop, Cover, and Hold" drill. This drill is activated to protect students and staff from falling objects or items that may become projectiles. Attached to this newsletter, you will find a description of drills that we may cover throughout the year.

Here are some upcoming dates for your calendars:

November 11 - No School - Veteran's Day

November 15 - 3:45 PTO meeting

November 18 - Community meeting (8:50 am) See below

November 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break - no school

November 29 - Ashuelot violin performance k-4

December 9 - Author visit- Marty Kelly

Have a wonderful weekend!


A Note from Ms. Gregg - school counselor

Classroom counseling lessons this past week and in coming weeks focus on recognizing and responding to bullying. The curriculum we use, developed by the Committee for Children in Seattle, Washington is research-based, highly regarded and used throughout the United States.. Students in all grades in all of the elementary schools in our district are learning the 3 Rs of Bullying: Recognizing, Reporting, and Refusing. Students will learn to distinguish bullying from other types of mean, unexpected and hurtful behavior. They will practice assertiveness (asking for what you need or want in a courageous. respectful way) and how to be an "upstander," important skills for many situations throughout their lives.
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Mystery Reader in Miss Gilbert's Class

This week in 4th grade, Miss. Gilbert's friend, 2nd Lieutenant Brendhan Harris, came in to read the book Veterans: Heroes In Our Neighborhood to honor Veterans Day. The students enjoyed hearing about the Army and asking questions about balancing a civilian and military career. They learned about how there are veterans all around us and that we can give our thanks and appreciation at any point in the year!"

Ms. Hartshorne's Class

First graders are doing daily journal writing as part of their morning checklist time. They are learning to make choices that will help them become more expert readers, and they enjoy the ability to decide when they get to do each part of the checklist. This journal entry includes information about our newest first grade community members, Henrietta and Gronk! They are "kindness pigs" who spend the day with students who have shown kindness and cooperation in the classroom!

Come Join the PTO

The next PTO meeting is Tuesday November 15th at 3:30 in the multipurpose room. Please join us - the more the merrier!

Ms. DiFolco's Students are readers

Mrs. DiFolco’s class is learning how to read fluently with accuracy. During partner reading and reading groups, students are practicing how to ask and answer questions with each other, such as who are the characters, where is the setting, what is the problem, how was the problem solved, and what are some details in the story. Wow! A lot of reading and thinking are going on in second grade!

Turkey Trot photos - great fun for everyone