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All those perfumes, colognes and deodorants you use daily all contain parfum.

Parfum or more commonly known as fragrance, is in almost ALL of our personal care products and is quite the harmful chemical!
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Harmful Effects of Parfum

  • Parfum and other unlisted fragrances are knows as irritants and lead to triggering migraines and allergies
  • 3 out of 4 people experience these allergies and migraines when exposed
  • dermatologists have come to the conclusion that parfum is the second most common entity leading to allergies
  • Parfum in some cases has also lead to cancer and development issues in children
  • Parfum has lead to many environmental hazards as well
  • For example, synthetic musks released from these chemicals have been discovered in fish in the great lakes

Regular Status of Parfum

  • manufacturers are not required to disclose chemicals in ingredient lists
  • Environment Canada has currently banned several synthetic musks and are assessing them
  • Health Canada also announced regulations which have banned parfume along with other harmful chemicals from children's toys
  • International regulations are quite stronger
  • Europe has banned use of many fragrance ingredients including two common musks and parfum
  • Warning labels have also been placed on products throughout Europe.
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How can we Avoid Parfum?

  • When purchasing personal hygiene products read ingredients list for dangerous chemicals that can pose harm to you or those around you.
  • Make sure the "fragrance free" label is accurate before purchasing.
  • Try using organic products as these are a lot safer and environmentally friendly.