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We have had a fabulous start to the New Age of Exploration~~Sailing to Innovation. I hope by now you've heard about some of the fun activities we have done so far. I thoroughly enjoyed as students shared out their "explorer-flies" as most students put forth a lot of creative and thoughtful effort during the project.

Our focus right now is exploring ancient civilizations to discover their innovations. Examples have been the Mesopotamians (Sumerians) and their contribution to writing, math, and technology. ALPHA innovators even examined soap and discussed ways we could possibly make it better. There were unique and innovative ideas floating around.

Now our focus turns towards the Mayans. Students will begin discovering the Mayan contributions to innovation. We'll be creating Mayan hieroglyphics and discussing their innovative ways of using corn.

~~Mrs. Casey


Did you know that there is a FREE organization made up of parents and educators in our district focused solely on GT students for our district--GTEAC--the Gifted/Talented & Enrichment Council of NISD. GTEAC holds fundraisers which provides grants. I was able to write a grant 2 school years ago to purchase education Legos for our classrooms. This organization meets 4 times a year. Now with the use of technology, these meetings will be held at satellite campuses with Google Hangouts. The first meeting of the year is on Thursday, October 8 @ 5:30. I am looking for parents who are willing to be a representative from both Kay Franklin and Scarborough. We can even share if you know someone who wants to take turns with you to attend the meetings which generally last 1-2 hours. Please see the flyers below to find out more information and email me if you would like to help represent our campus at the meetings. I will be attending at the Taft H.S. location which is the closet location to both campuses.

San Antonio Missions Archaeology Day

This information is from the San Antonio Missions website. It sounds like a great activity for you and your family to explore our great missions and be junior archaeologists, too.

October 17
Archaeology Day, 9:00 am - 2:00 am
Mission San José hosts free hands-on activities, exhibits, and demonstrations for the whole family. Activities will emphasize techniques, information learned from digs/artifacts found at the missions, importance of preservation, and future archeology planned for the park.
Co-sponsors are the UTSA's Institute of Texan Cultures and Legacy Program, Southern Texas Archeological Association, San Antonio Museum of Art, San Antonio Office of Historical Preservation, Texas Historical Commission's Casa Navarro, San Antonio River Authority, and Southwest Texas Archeology Society, as part of Texas Archeology month.

See flyer below:
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ALPHA Schedule

This is our ALPHA schedule:

Kay Franklin
8:00-11:00 4th Grade
11:00-12:30 3rd Grade

Kay Franklin
8:00-11:00 5th Grade
11:00-12:30 3rd Grade
12:30-2:30 1st/2nd Grades

8:00-10:30 1st/2nd Grades
11:00-2:30 5th Grade

8:00-11:00 3rd Grade

11:00-2:30 4th Grade

Text Updates via Remind 101

Periodically, I'll send a text to keep you up to date with current information about ALPHA. If you would like to be added to this text list (anonymously), text the following:

@alph to 81010

If you have trouble, please try
@alph to 508-866-0973

If you received a message about Meet the Teacher and/or was on the list last school year, you do not need to resign up for the service.

Supplies for ALPHA Class

If your child has been in ALPHA previously, the supplies needed for class are the same. Here is the expectation for supplies (no worries if the supplies aren't here for 1st class session):

1 1/2" or 2", 3 ring binder
(I have binders, but you are welcome to use your own)
5 tab dividers
(I have tab dividers, but again, you are welcome to use your own)
Pencil pouch to fit in binder rings
3 sharpened pencils

After the first class session, students will receive "Good Karma" stamps on their cards which I keep in class. They will receive one "karma" stamp for having their binder, one for having sharpened pencils ready to go, and one for having a parent signature on their "Captain's Log" newsletter. Once the whole class has a "Good Karma" card completed, they will get rewarded with a Discovery School related video.

How to Contact Me

My schedule is as follows:
Mondays/Tuesdays/some Fridays: Kay Franklin
Wednesdays/Thursdays/most Fridays: Scarborough

I can be reached the quickest via email:
Or you may call me at:
Kay Franklin 210-398-1740 x3102
Scarborough 210-397-8019