Year 6 Newsletter

Term 3 - 9th June 2017

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Thursday 22nd June -YEAR 6 SHOW 6 pm (no siblings permitted)

Wednesday 28th JUNE - YEAR 6 GRADUATION EVENING 5.00-8.30pm

Now it's all go for the Y6 Show......Bugsy Malone (Shanghai Style)

The Exhibition is over......Y6 feel the need to express themselves for one last time.....

Bring on 'Bugsy Malone'....

....amazing singing and dancing....phenomenal acting....great costumes...lots of action......

6 pm start. Don't be late, or the doormen will not let you in!!!

(Sorry -no siblings permitted!)

LEAP Van returns to Y6 - now with new technology.....

This week the LEAP Van returned to school. Y6 had the opportunity to meet their 'friends' for the last time as they learnt about making right choices, how to recognise the symptoms of stress, ways to become more resilient to stress and finally how to stand up to peer pressure. All great life-skills to take into the next stage of their lives!

Maths & English

Maths: Over the next few weeks the children will be learning about properties of a circle, interpreting a range of graphs and converting units of measure; including decimals.

English: The children will be developing their communication skills. Learning their lines, speaking with confidence and in character, projecting those voices....all in readiness to amaze, capture and entertain their audiences!

Home Learning -Bugsy Malone

Programme Design Competition : 1 winner per class!

Your task is to design a cover for the 'Bugsy Malone' show.

Be creative! Black, red and white only. A4 portrait size.

Additional things to do...

-Keep practising all the lyrics for the show.

Everything is in the Music link on the VLE.

-Practice your lines if you have dialogue.

Swim Safety Week

This is a big safety component to our swimming programme which happens in the Summer Term, where we introduce the students to what it feels like to be fully clothed when swimming. The children will also experience basic life saving techniques should they fall into a body of water.

The programme is designed to allow the students to experience how their swimming ability may change when in water with heavier clothes on. For the students to experience the change in the way they float, how much more tired they become, and survival techniques to use IF they were to be in water fully clothed, such as falling off a boat, being caught in a flash flood, accidentally falling into a pool etc.

The students need to bring in the following clothes IN ADDITION to their usual swim kit:

Y6: light coloured tracksuit/pyjama bottoms and white long sleeved T-shirt.

Only white or light coloured clothing will be permitted in the pool as dark colours react with the chlorine.


Tim Luck

Important Y6 Dates:

Swimming for all Year 6 classes will be on the following dates:

14th June, 21st June and 23rd June (Y6 Swim Safety Day -Wednesday 14th June)

June 22nd: Year 6 Musical - Bugsy Malone 6 pm start

June 28th: Graduation 5.00-5.45 Photos -5.45-8.30pm in the Hall

June 29th: End of Year 6 Party and Cinema Trip.

June 30th: Finish at 12.00!