CSA Lincoln Newsletter

November 8th, 2016

CSA Lincoln Election 2016-Special Edition

Good afternoon!

Students and staff went to the polls today as they cast their votes for President of the United States, Governor of Indiana, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Several parents sent me messages saying that this spurred some great conversations at home over the last couple of days.

Last Friday, students learned about the candidates during Town Hall Meetings. A special thank you to our 6th graders who created and worked the polls today. Dr. Roberts visited CSA Lincoln and also cast his vote (pictured)!

I've included the results below and a few pictures. The Republic newspaper stopped by today so there might be something in the newspaper as well.

CSA Lincoln Election Results

Who should be elected President of the United States of America?

Name-Votes-Percentage Votes
Donald Trump 144 (40%)
Hillary Clinton 129 (36%)
Gary Johnson 70 (20%)
None of the above 14 (4%)

Who should be elected the Indiana Governor?

Name-Votes-Percentage Votes
John Gregg 173 (48%)
Eric Holcomb 156 (44%)
None of the above 28 (8%)

Who should be elected the State Superintendent of Public Instruction?
Name-Votes-Percentage Votes
Jennifer McCormick 224 (63%)
Glenda Ritz 108 (30%)
None of the above 25 (7%)