Connection Points

A newsletter of Connection Tutorial ~ July 2020

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

What are we doing for classes? Everyone is asking, and we finally have an answer! At Connection, we believe our plan is unique and will satisfy the needs of our students. We will be having all live classes. What this means is that parents have options:

1) You can send your child to CFBC for in-class lessons. We will take temps at the door, mask up, and create classroom space that allows for physical distancing.

2) If your child needs to stay at home for any reason, they will Zoom into class from wherever they are. Students will be able to participate and ask questions in class from home through the live stream. Teachers will be able to monitor students and give feedback to students who are at home and in class.

But wait, what about...???

  • Temperatures will be taken at the door
  • Masks will be worn inside the building
  • Hand sanitizer will be available
  • Tables will be wiped down between classes
  • Freedom to change which option works for you - in person or live stream - at any time
  • Students can participate in remote learning in study hall with laptops/headphones
  • Students will need to bring lunches if needed - no snacks will be sold at this time
  • All students should bring personal containers for the water fountain

Your Connection team has researched and agonized and discussed and debated in order to come up with a plan that we feel will work for most of our students. We would like nothing better than to welcome all of your students to class with a hug and to see their precious faces. Unfortunately, the current health situation prevents us from doing that. We, along with you, look forward to the day when we can all be together again! Whatever you choose for your student, we are here to partner with you and support you in any way we can!

Lots of your friends are considering homeschooling...

And if they are as nice as you, we would love to have them join us for classes! Please pass on this newsletter to someone you know who is thinking about homeschooling. Remember how you used to feel overwhelmed? Give them some encouragement and tell them they are not alone! The Connection can walk alongside new families to help them get started!

Meet some of our top instructors

Eli Ronai is making a change!

After teaching Math Fundamentals for the past few years, Eli Ronai will be teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 at Connection this year. He will continue to teach his Computer Programming and Robotics & Technology classes online. Eli has a passion for the subjects he teaches and has a unique ability to make difficult concepts understandable. Everyone loves Mr. Eli!

Join us for Connection!

We would love to partner with you on your homeschool journey! To register:

1. Fill out the Enrollment Form.

2. Fill out the Course Selection Form.

3. Laurel Smith will email your paperwork and call to arrange a payment plan.

Classes are filling up quickly, so register today!