Jessie Minish

All About Me

My Schooling:

My name is Jessie and I go to East Jackson High School. This is the sixth science I've taken in my high school career so science is definitely my favorite subject. I'm a total nerd. All four of my classes this semester are AP. I am 8th in my class with a stellar GPA. I recently got accepted into the University of Georgia and I intend on majoring in Biochem and Molecular Biology. I'm such a nerd that even though I know this class is going to be difficult, I am excited to be taking it.

My Hopes for my Future

My dream job is to one day be a surgeon (any specialty; I'm not really picky). I also want to move to England sometime in my life. I've always wanted to live in the land where they cannot pronounce their r's and drive on the wrong side of the road. I never plan on being married or having kids.. I am extremely too high strung for all of that nonsense. I have a lot planned but hopefully with some hard work and a lot of luck, I can make it all happen.

Bucket List


I know this is a lame subject but Netflix is a major part of my life. Without Netflix I would have no Supernatural or Weeds or nearly unlimited documentaries about everything under the sun. I love my Netflix!