Copopa Chronicle

February 28, 2019

January Characters of the Month

This student shows INTEGRITY by never giving up.

  • Keeps trying on class work, even when it is tough

  • Doesn’t rush through work just to be done with it

  • Goes back willingly to fix mistakes and make his/her work its best

  • Keeps trying to find an answer or solve a problem, even when the first answer was wrong or when the first way didn’t work

Kindergarten- Callie Synovetz, Connor Schofield, Derrick Friscone

1st Grade- Nicholas Klimchuk, Aife Balogh, Evelyn Panigutti

2nd Grade- Lucas Cleavenger, Jake Eberwein, Josh Zimlich

3rd Grade- Grace Anderson, Ava Caraballo, Claire Bodo

4th Grade- Sadie Harris, Anthony Demagall, Makayla Newton

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Important Dates

3/6- Conferences 3:45-8:00

3/7- Early Release 12:00

Conferences 12:15-5:00

3/8- No School

3/10- Daylight Savings Time- Turn clocks ahead

3/13- Family Night- No after school activities

3/16- Columbia Vendor Fair 9:00-3:00

3/19- Future Chef for 2nd-4th Grade 4:00-6:00

3/21- Marco's Pizza Night

3/22- End of 3rd Grading Period

PTA Family Movie Night 5:30-8:30

3/25- Family Literacy Night at Arena 51 5:00-8:30

Marvelous Mondays

3/1- Dr. Seuss Day

3/4- Wear a Video Game Shirt or your favorite Shirt Day

3/5- Mardi Gras- Wear Green, Purple, and Gold

3/11- Boys wear Blue and Girls wear Pink Day

3/18- St. Patrick's Day is coming- Wear Green

3/20- Earth Day- Wear your Earth tone colors or camouflage

3/25- Pajama Day

3/26- Cavs Vs Celtics- Wear your Cavs Gear

4/1- Indians Home Opener- Wear your Indians Gear

3rd Annual Family Literacy Night

Columbia Schools and Columbia PTO are proud to bring you the 3rd annual

Family Literacy Night! This carnival/circus themed night will be held at Arena 51 Laser Tag on Monday, March 25 from 6-8 PM. This event is open to all Columbia students and families in Grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Look for the RSVP slips to come home soon!

Dress Like A Teacher or Student Day

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Mr. Hershey’s Cures for Cabin Fever

Can’t get your kids off the couch? Suffering from cabin fever? Here are some ideas to get your little couch potatoes up and moving while having fun - maybe you can join them and spend some quality time together!

* Build things with Legos, Tinker Toys, or create something using items around the house.

* Make a Laser maze using crepe paper.

* Use cardboard boxes, blankets and furniture to make forts or houses and decorate them.

* Use plastic/paper cups and balled up socks to create a bowling alley down the hallway.

* Use an old stuffed animal to play a game of soccer or baseball.

* Make paper airplanes and color them.

* Design and build a board game.

* Make a tic-tac-toe board on the floor and use bean bags, socks, or stuffed animals.

* Have an inside scavenger hunt.

* Make a library where kids can check out books or a store where they can work and shop.

* Create a variety/game show or a skit/play.

* Cook or bake something together, make a cooking video to show grandma and grandpa.

* Create an art gallery and hang the kid’s pictures.

* Build a Skee-Ball game.

* Create an indoor obstacle course.

* Create an obstacle course for your hamster – be sure it doesn’t get out!

* Create a new dance, sing karaoke.

* Make a cornhole game using cardboard and socks.

* Play musical chairs.

Hope this is fun and you get the kids away from those video games, get them moving, and spend time together while staying active!

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Laser Maze

100th Day of School and President's Day

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Breakfast with a Buddy

3rd & 4th Grade Field Trip to Severance Hall

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