Sprout Poster

By: Cody Gibson

3 Day Journal

Day 1

Soak for 12 Hours

Day 2

No sprouts yet Still same amount

Day 3

Still no Sprouts


1) Soaked for 12 Hours

2) Rinsed twice a day at 8:00 am and 1:30 Pm



Round 1

11 seeds


weight of jar/w seeds- 15.6

2 sprouted

Round 2

82 Seeds

weight of jar- 15.2 oz

weight of jar/w seeds- 15.3

0 sprouted

Function Description

f (x)= 2.18x

2.18 is the price of carrots sprouts per Pound.

X is the number of pounds bought.

f (x) tells us the total cost of the sprouts.

X: Horizontal axis

Y: Vertical Axis

X is dependent and shows # of Pounds Purchased

Y is Independent and shows Total cost.

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