College Newsletter

Term 1 Week 2 Friday 5 February 2016

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

A very warm welcome back to all parents and students as we commence our academic year.

The year has already commenced at a very busy pace with the College Swimming Carnival being held at Homebush Aquatic Centre and the Year 11 Information Evening on Wednesday evening. All College events will be advised via this Newsletter.

Year 7 Numeracy Evening

All Year 7 Parents are invited to attend our Numeracy Evening on Monday 8 February at 7:00 pm. At this evening, parents will be introduced to a variety of strategies that can be used at home to help support their daughter's developing skills in using number. Improvement in this important skill will assist students as they study a variety of subject areas.

P & F Meeting

All parents are welcome to attend the P & F Meeting on Monday 15 February at 7:00 pm. Parking is available in driveway via Kenyons Road entrance only for this meeting. Meeting will be held in the Staff Lunchroom.


Over the holidays, normal maintenance of the College facilities continued. Unfortunately, the roofing replacement of Blocks K and J has been delayed by weather and will hopefully be completed within the next three weeks, as the weather permits. This work means that staff can only park in the Sherwood Road carpark, so parent co-operation in ensuring they do not enter school carparks is especially important.


All parents are reminded that students are not to be dropped off or picked up from the Sherwood Road or Kenyons Road staff carparks at any time.

Parents are reminded that at the beginning and end of the school day, the area is congested and you are advised to get your daughter to walk to your car if you are picking her up from school. Parents should not be entering the school grounds at the beginning or end of the school day.

Parents are also reminded that Police and Council Parking Rangers are very active in this area and they will not hesitate to fine you for inappropriate parking or driving within the designated school zone.


Parents are reminded that all students from 6 to 17 years of age must attend school EVERY day. No student should be absent from school except in the case of illness. Parents MUST provide a note to a student's Homeroom Teacher explaining any absence on the first day they return to school. Any absence for more than one (1) school day should be advised by phone (8724 7300) to the College Office together with the provision of a note on the first day they return to school.

Cerdon College welcomes the following new staff for 2016 -

Ms Ackaoui - Assistant Religious Education Co-ordinator

Miss Bailey - PDHPE

Mrs Calderara - English/Visual Arts

Ms Djafri - French

Mrs Hanson - Part-time Science/Maths

Ms Tasioulas - Legal Studies/Business Studies/Junior HSIE

Ms Tedesco - Part-time English

Ms Vernot - Part-time Visual Arts

We also welcome back Mrs Gallina who was on leave in 2015.

As a Marist community, each of us is challenged to commit ourselves to achieving personal excellence while being committed to making a positive difference in our community.

Cerdon College Marist Prayer

Mary, you are our Mother and our model.

May we, like you, make Jesus

the centre of our lives

so that we become a living Gospel

for all those we meet.

We acknowledge we are especially

called to serve, in an unobtrusive way,

the most downtrodden,

abandoned and persecuted in our society.

Enable us, through compassion,

love and humility

to bring these and all people

together in a union of love

and care so that Christ will come

to life in our world today.

Through the deepening of our own prayer life

to draw closer to you, our Mother,

so that we may live

the Gospel as you did and be true disciples

of your Son.

May you and your beloved Son,

bless us and stay with us

as we strive to live in today’s world,

as true Marists

God Bless

Mrs Patricia Baker


2015 HSC Results

Cerdon College continued its fine record in the HSC with another year of excellent results and congratulates its 2015 HSC students. Many fine individual results were achieved.

  • Three students were acknowledged as HSC All Rounders (10 Units of Band 6 results)
  • 109 Cerdon College Band 6 achievers were acknowledged in the HSC Honour Roll
  • 50% of all results were Band 5 or Band 6 results
  • 82% of all results were above Band 4
  • Student placed 2nd in State in Extension Italian and 4th in State in 2 Unit Italian Continuers
  • Student placed 4th in State in Extension Modern Greek
  • Student placed 6th in State in Drama
  • Student placed 10th in State in SOR 1
  • 80% of Year 12, 2015 offered University places
  • 17% of Year 12, 2015 achieved an ATAR of 90+

Raising Issues With Staff

From time to time, students or parents will have concerns or issues they wish to raise with staff at Cerdon College.

These concerns may be about issues such as your daughter’s progress in class, how she is relating to her classmates or even disagreement with Cerdon College’s policies or procedures.

It is important that if you have any concerns about your daughter you ensure that Cerdon College is contacted immediately.

If the issue is about your daughter’s progress at school, please contact the office on 8724 7300 and arrange an immediate time for an interview with your daughter’s Guidance Co-ordinator.

2016 Guidance Co-ordinators

Year 7 Miss Parker

Year 8 Mr Lovadina

Year 9 Mrs Drageljevic

Year 10 Mr O'Halloran

Year 11 Ms Rimac

Year 12 Mr Bridges

2016 Assistant Co-ordinators

Year 7 Miss Hanson and Sr Kate

Year 8 Miss Caspe

Year 9 Miss Nimac

Year 10 Miss Soo

Year 11 Mrs Schinella

Year 12 Mrs Manning and Mrs Palucci

For other general curriculum concerns, please contact Mr F Caristo - Assistant Principal. He is also available to address any concerns about Years 10, 11 and 12, assessment advice and information and issues relating to school reports, or students courses of study.

For concerns relating to student welfare and social development please contact Mrs L Parker - Assistant Principal.

If you have any other issues or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss the issue or make an appointment to address your concern.

A formal complaints procedure is located on the College’s Website at

Cerdon College works hard to ensure that students can improve their learning outcomes in a safe, supportive environment and your support of the College is important to continue to build the Cerdon Marist community.

At all times the P & F Meetings held on Monday Week 4 in Term 1 and Monday Week 3 in Terms 2, 3 and 4 at 7:00 pm in the Staffroom and are an important venue to raise concerns or reaffirm Cerdon College in the way it is meeting the needs of its students.

Change of Contact Details

Please notify the College Office if you have changed any of your contact details ie. address, telephone number, email address, etc so that we are able to update our records accordingly.

Thank you

School Fee Statements

2016 School Fees Statements will be issued to families by the Catholic Education Office this week. Term 1 school fees are due for payment by Monday 7 March 2016. Included with your statement are the various payment options available to you. Should you decide to take one of these options please complete and return the paperwork promptly in the envelope provided.

Please contact the College if you have not received your statement by Monday 15 February or if you require any further information. Thank you.

Finance Department

Cerdon College

School Excursions and Incursions

As you are aware, you have provided the school with permission to conduct certain excursions and incursions and sports activities. For those activities covered by the general permission note, you will receive a notification where it is appropriate to do so (eg for an excursion).

For other excursions not covered by the general permission note, you may receive a permission note which will need to be completed and forwarded to school by the due date. Some of these excursions may incur a cost which will also need to be paid by the due date. There are no exceptions or extensions to the due date for payment.

A copy of each notification and permission note is also available from the College Website.

ELES Online Study Skills Handbook

Big image


The start of the year is a great time to set yourself some academic goals along with any personal goals you might plan to achieve this year.

There are lots of great reasons to set goals:

· Setting goals gets you to think about possibilities.

· Goals give you a direction to work towards.

· Goals give you a clear picture of where you want to go.

· Goals help you to push yourself just that little bit more.

· Goals help you have a more fun and fulfilled life.

· Goals can give you motivation and focus.

· Setting goals helps you do all the things you want to do in life!

· Goals give us the motivation to do things that are difficult and challenging in order to reach a particular desired state.

· Goals help us achieve our dreams, hopes and desires.

· Goals help us look for an achievable balance between the different areas of our life.

· Goals make us feel good about ourselves and our achievements and help us to increase our self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

· Goals give us a greater feeling of control over our lives and experiences.

· Goals allow us to prioritise and create action plans.

There are different types of goals you can set based on the timeframe in which you want to achieve these goals:

· Short-term goals: are things you want to do today, tomorrow or within the next few weeks and sometimes months.

· Medium-term goals: are things you want to achieve in the next few months or sometime even within the next year.

· Long-term goals: are things you want to do later on in life, whether it is next year, two years’ time, ten years’ time or even longer.

You may decide to set a mix of these types of goals. To give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals, it is a good idea to make sure your goals are SMARTIES – so keep in mind these guidelines for setting effective goals:

· Specific: Make goals very detailed and specific. Exactly what do you want to achieve?

· Measurable: You want to be able to know when you have achieved your goal so make sure there is some way to measure your success.

· Action-Oriented: Your short-term goals should really be the action steps you need to take to achieve the medium and longer term goals.

· Relevant & Realistic: Goals change, so if your goal is no longer relevant, you need to change it.

· Time-Based: Your goals need to have a ‘to complete by’ date to give you something to aim for.

· Interesting: Make your goals about things that you find interesting and worthwhile.

· Emotional: Use powerful language to express the emotion behind the goals.

· Success oriented: Express your goals in a positive and success focused way.


- Only use POSITIVE language in goals.

- Use PASSIONATE, enthusiastic and motivating language.

- Write your goal in the PRESENT tense.

Review your goals regularly to remind yourself of what you want to achieve and to stimulate your mind to think of other possibilities. Start taking specific actions that will help you achieve your goals, in particular your short-term goals. Putting together an action plan of the steps to achieve the goal and allocating timeframes for each action is a good place to start.

You can learn more about goal setting and many other topics to help you achieve your best at school at, logging in with these details:

Username: cerdoncollege

Password: achieve

The ELES Online Study Skills Handbook provides a comprehensive and interactive online guide for the school community (students, parents and teachers) as to the study skills needed for success in high school studies. This approach taps into students’ affinity with technology to create a new and effective way to improve students’ study skills.

This is a great online resource for parents and students to address all their study skills issues and concerns and enable students to learn new ways to improve their results at school. The handbook has a huge amount of information for both students and parents as well as a large number of interactive activities.

In addition to the huge amount of content, the systematic program for students to work through includes: online quizzes, summary sheets, worksheets, lots of FAQs answered, articles and links, online polls, facility to submit questions, helpful grids and planners, jokes and quotes, student thoughts, images and photos, students can submit ideas to win, competitions, audio and video files, streaming audio (to allow students the option to read or listen to the content) New content is added regularly, including new units and features. There is also a tracking system where students save the results of their end of unit quizzes and modules over the years.

We encourage all parents and students to take advantage of this opportunity to further develop their students’ study skills abilities.

Mrs Sylaprany


Maumere Immersion Update

We are pleased to report that the toilet block at Yos Sudarso Primary School has been completed. It is amazing to realise that the money raised by Cerdon College last year will make such a difference to the lives of so many children and their families.

The new block of four toilet cubicles, which each contain a toilet and provision for “bucket showers”, triples the number of toilets in the school. The boys will no longer have to use a bucket and hose!

Many of the children do not have running water in their homes and have to rely on communal wells for all their water. These toilets will have a huge impact on hygiene for this community in Flores Indonesia.

Sr Ancilla, the Principal of the school sends her thanks to everyone connected with the fundraising effort.

Watch this space for news about the Immersion plans, fundraising initiatives and Information evenings for 2016.

Mr P Freeman

Immersion Co-ordinator

Visual Arts News

Creativity Starts Exhibition 2016 Holroyd Council Chambers

On Friday evening 29 January 2016, I had the pleasure of attending the “Creativity Starts” exhibition at Holroyd Council Chambers. This exhibition is a cultural program of the Holroyd local government area. It aims to build connections between art educational organisations, businesses, teachers and young people.

The artworks in this exhibition were created by students from the Holroyd local area who studied Visual Arts as a part of their HSC in 2015. The study of Visual Arts at the HSC level is often the beginning of a career in the arts and creative industries. The Creativity Starts exhibition is the catalyst for the development of ongoing programs and partnerships together with young artists in our local community.

Schools involved in this exhibition are Cerdon College, Catherine McAuley Westmead, Tara Anglican School, Merrylands High School, Holroyd High School and The HIlls Sports High School.

A big thank you to Eckersley’s Art Supplies for their generosity and support of this initiative. Also, thank you to all the students, their teachers and Martha Jabour our Holroyd Council’s Cultural Officer who through their combined efforts, saw this vision into a reality.

We congratulate both Carina Uremovic and Julie Vo, 2015 Visual Arts students from Cerdon College, who exhibited their work in this show. Julie received a Highly Commended Award for her artwork.

To our extended Cerdon community, please visit the Holroyd Council Chambers, 16 Memorial Ave, Merrylands to view the exhibition during February and support the talent of the youth in our amazing local community.

Mrs Kerry Odonga

Visual Arts Coordinator

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Welcome back to a new school year and in particular a special welcome to all the new families who have joined our school community. This column aims to provide information and reflections on a range of enrichment activities offered at the school. For many students, these extra curricula activities provide the opportunity to explore new interests, gain a deeper understanding or pursue a passion, while participating in a fun and enriching experience.

The holidays are always a popular time for students to explore new adventures. Over the coming weeks we will learn about their amazing experiences. This week, students currently in year 10 reflect on their university experience at the Australian Catholic University. Also in this edition, read about a number of recently released competitions and programs… fantastic opportunities to start an enriching year!


The U@Unversity program was conducted by the Australian Catholic University to create awareness and raise aspirations for university.

For a week Emily Dang, Elise Cribbin, Katrina Jelavic, Jessica Li, Eugenia Mentis and Hannah Rahimi resided on campus at the University of Sydney and lived the university experience across the ACU campuses. Overwhelmingly it was an exciting experience.

‘The U@University program was overall a very enjoyable experience and I was able to take a lot away from it. The day classes were very informative …The lecturer for our English lessons knew so much and was able to share heaps of new knowledge with us. Science was very practical and offered a variety of activities. I found Math was okay but it could have been a lot more challenging. Art was surprisingly enjoyable and the teacher really pushed our creativity to the limits.. I didn’t expect to be able to create what I did. In addition, we had a trip to the Museum and Manly Beach, both of which were very exciting and were very relaxing trips after the studying. Life at university was made clearer. I didn’t know that campuses at university were that big !..I learnt about how classes were structured and how they operated…this is very different to what I am used to, but it was an interesting change. The food offered was excellent and there was lots of choice !’

Emily Dang

‘The U@University experience at the Australian Catholic University was a fantastic experience which featured a five day live-in university experience which included lectures, practicals and tutorials. During the week we participated in many games: we had bonding activities, ball games, trivia contest and in teams, with students from other schools, we did night -orienteering around the Sydney University campus . Each day focused on something different such as English, Maths, Science and Art. When we weren't in the classroom we were treated to some sight-seeing around Sydney including Manly Beach, The Art Gallery of NSW, Mrs Macquarie's Chair and the Opera House. Overall, it was a fantastic experience that culminated in an incredible graduation ceremony.’

Elise Cribbin

This university experience has definitely provided me with a new perspective on what university life is like. Programs like these, help me to stress less about the unknown because I have been given a taste of it. The ‘study’ side of the experience provided us with the opportunity to gather some valuable information and obtain a sense of how lessons are taught at tertiary level. We also had the opportunity to enjoy ourselves while visiting iconic Sydney sights, playing games and interacting with other students in a fun and relaxing way. I really enjoyed this experience and I definitely would like this opportunity to continue for others. Thank you for providing me with this opportunity!

Hannah Rahimi

The U@University program was truly an unforgettable experience. As a high school student contemplating a future at university and with limited knowledge of its atmosphere and what goes on, it was a lovely, eye opening 5 days. I along with 5 other Cerdon girls and 20 other students from various schools were given the opportunity to act as university students- staying in dorms at Sydney University, attending lectures, and even graduating on the final night. Over the course of the few days, we visited the North Sydney and Strathfield campuses of the Australian Catholic University (ACU), the Art Gallery of NSW, and Manly Beach, participating in engaging lessons and activities regarding English, Science, Maths and Art. We were able to meet different students our age and work together to solve problems, as well as interact with actual university students and lecturers. Overall we had a brilliant time with only a few negative aspects such as the air-con and fly-screen lacking dormitory rooms, which were outweighed by the many positive aspects, including the lovely people we met, the Hogwart-esque Sydney University building we stayed at and the abundance of high quality, tasty, food.

Jessica Li

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Activities on offer…

The 2016 Kids Lit Quiz

The Kids Lit Quiz is an international reading competition for children aged 10-14. This competition puts young readers onto the stage and lets them compete for some fantastic prizes including the opportunity to represent Australia in the world final. Once again this year, Cerdon will be hosting the Sydney heat and just like every other year, it is shaping to be an exciting and fun filled event. Participants must be aged 14 years and under as of July 1st, 2016. If you enjoy reading and would like further information visit see Mrs Agius.

Gifted Awareness Week – Australia National Poetry Competition

This poetry competition invites gifted students to express in poetry what ‘giftedness’ means to them. Poems can be in any form or text type and should be suitable for national publication in print, websites and social media. Poems will be judged on creativity and originality. Submissions are due on Friday 26th February, 2016. For further information visit

Write4Fun- Competition

Entry is now open in the 2016 Schools Writing Competition! Students all over Australia are invited to enter their poems OR short stories, and battle it out for the great cash prizes on offer including iPads, x-box1 and a first prize of $1000

Students are required to write a poem or short story on any theme. Students from all grades are welcome to enter. Entry is FREE and all entries must be in my Thursday 31st March 2016.

For further information please visit

For information on these and any other enrichment programs please do not hesitate to contact the school

Mrs S Agius

Enrichment Co-ordinator

PDHPE and Sport Report

Swimming Carnival

The Cerdon College Swimming Carnival was held on Friday January 29 at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre and it was an enjoyable day had by all.

There were some fantastic performances at the carnival and we congratulate the following students who have been awarded Age Champion and Runner Up for their respective age groups:

12 Years Age Champion Maja Bang (Perroton)

12 Years Age Runner Up Bianca Bezzina (Colin)

13 Years Age Champion Sophia Vicic (Marcellin)

13 Years Age Runner Up Sarah Denniss (Colin)

14 Years Age Champion Emerson Walshaw (Colin)

14 Years Age Runner Up Elise Noble (Colin)

15 Years Age Champion Trina Castelino (Marcellin)

15 Years Age Runner Up Anthea Kazanzidis (Marcellin)

16 Years Age Champion Katarina Planinic (Colin)

16 Years Age Runner Up Bianca Buttigieg (Colin)

17 Years Age Champion Alexia Kazanzidis (Marcellin)

17 Years Age Runner Up Channelle Succar (Perroton)

18 Years Age Champion Emily Green (Perroton)

18 Years Age Runner Up Channary Srey (Marcellin)

Victoria Buckler 50m Freestyle

Invitational Champion Katarina Planinic (Colin)

It was great to see our talented swimmers not only perform to their best, but also set new carnival record times. Congratulations to Katarina Planinic of Colin House, who won the prestigious Victoria Buckler Open 50m Invitational Freestyle event in a carnival record time of 28.67 seconds. This race included the fastest 10 swimmers in the 50m Freestyle event. In addition to this, the following students set new record times:

U17 50m Butterfly: Alexia Kazanzidis (Marcellin) (33.34)

U16 50m Freestyle: Katarina Planinic (Colin) (29.43)

U16 50m Backstroke: Bianca Buttigieg (Colin) (33.21)

U16 50m Butterfly: Bianca Buttigieg (Colin) (32.77)

U14 50m Butterfly: Emerson Walshaw (Colin) (31.63)

U14 100m Freestyle: Emerson Walshaw (Colin) (1:05.60)

Open 4x50m Medley Relay (Colin): Katarina Planinic, Bianca Buttigieg, Elise Noble, Emerson Walshaw (2:17.76)

Congratulations to our House Winners, Colin

1st Colin 468 points

2nd Marcellin 437 points

3rd Perroton 251 points

4th McOscar 145 points

I would to thank all of those students who participated on the day and to the parents who attended in support of their daughters. Large whole school events such as the swimming carnival require the contribution of many staff and students to ensure that they run smoothly. I would like to acknowledge those that fulfilled official duties on the day including our very dedicated teaching staff and the Year 9 Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) students. Thank you also to the House Mentors, Captains and Vice Captains for their continued support and commitment to their House throughout the day.

We look forward to our School Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals with anticipation in the coming months as these events will influence the points tally for the Chavoin Shield, which will be presented on June 24.

Mr R Zammit

PDHPE and Sport Coordinator

Assessment Booklets & Assessment Central

The assessment booklets for all years (ie 7 to 12) will be shared with students within the coming week. Students can access these documents via their school Google Apps for Education account. Students will be notified by email when these booklets are shared with them. Students will not be able to access these documents via their personal Google (Gmail) accounts.

Students can access the document by logging into Classm8. They are to use their school username and password to log in and they can access the assessment handbook in Google Drive.

The documents are also available to download via Assessment Central. Either click on the link provided in this newsletter or navigate to the Assessment and Curriculum page on the College website to access Assessment Central. Each year group will have its own assessment handbook and assessment schedule.

All formal assessment tasks for Years 10-12 are also entered into the relevant Google calendar (see below for links to each calendar).

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School Calendars

You can subscribe to each of the following Google calendars by using the address provided. You need only select the calendar(s) that are relevant to you and to your daughter(s). You can subscribe to these calendars using any default calendar you currently use (eg iCal, Google calendars, etc) You can also search for Cerdon College calendars using a Google search.

Cerdon College Calendar

Year 7 Calendar

Year 8 Calendar

Year 9 Calendar

Year 10 Calendar

Year 11 Calendar

Year 12 Calendar

Sports Calendar

Feast Days

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School Zones

Parents need to take note that the area surrounding Cerdon College is designated as a School Zone. Police and Council Rangers constantly patrol the area. They will have no hesitation in prosecuting drivers for driving offences.

In NSW more than one million school students travel to and from school each day. The vast majority of students do so safely. The NSW State Government is committed to further increasing safety for children during school travel times.

There are 127 fixed digital speed cameras installed in NSW, of which 57 are in school zones.

The school zones were selected according to a number of criteria concerning the risks young pedestrians are exposed to, including a combination of high traffic volumes, the level of pedestrian use and crash history.

All NSW school zones are sign-posted with regulatory signs that list the operating times of the school zones.

What times do the school zone speed cameras operate?

All school zone speed cameras operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week and detect vehicles exceeding the speed limit. They are also programmed to detect vehicles exceeding the 40km/h school zone speed limit during sign-posted school zone times.

For most locations these times are: 8am – 9.30am and 2.30pm – 4pm on gazetted school days.

How do I know I am entering a school zone?

NSW school zones are sign-posted indicating the operating times of the school zone. There are also large, bright yellow markings painted on the road showing the 40km/h speed limit. In addition to the regulatory signs Roads and Maritime has also installed flashing lights (school zone alert systems) at a number of school zone sites, including all fixed speed camera sites that are located in a school zone. School zone flashing lights are used as an additional warning system to alert motorists to slow down, and are not legally required in NSW.

Are school zones enforced on pupil free days?

Fixed digital speed cameras enforce the school zone 40km/h speed limit during the stated school zone hours on all gazetted school days. Pupil free days or staff development days fit into this category and in some cases there may still be students attending schools on these days.

There are also some instances where double demerits apply on a school day. This will usually happen when the day before a long weekend is also a gazetted school day.

School days are defined as those gazetted by the NSW Government and which can be found on the NSW Government website and in most annual diaries. Both Catholic and independent schools, irrespective of their term dates, have enforceable school zones in line with Department of Education school terms. The fixed speed cameras enforce the school zone speed limit in accordance with the Department of Education school term dates.

Insurance - Important information for Parents about accident protection for students.

Unfortunately, accidents involving students happen. To assist parents with costs associated with those accidents, we have SchoolCare insurance provided by Catholic Church Insurance Limited (CCI). SchoolCare is a student accident insurance policy providing protection to all students attending our school.

Our school is covered by a School Activities Only policy. It includes worldwide accidental injury cover for school camps, school sports (including sports out of school hours as long as they are organised by the school), work experience and travelling to and from school or school activities. It also includes activities organised or authorised by the school. This includes before and after-school care if organised by the school.

Our policy covers three important areas of care and any one accident may be claimable under one or more of these areas.

Cover includes:

1. Up to $7,500 inclusive per accident for medical costs (excluding any Medicare expenses or the Medicare Gap) from the following registered medical practitioners:

· Dentist

· Chiropractor

· Osteopath

· Physiotherapist

· Remedial massage

· Podiatry

· Acupuncture

· Costs from a chemist, and Hospital accommodation and facility fees.

Please note: Federal health legislation in Australia prohibits CCI from covering the cost associated with:

  • any medical service for which a Medicare benefit is payable,
  • the Medicare Gap, or
  • any hospital treatment or other benefit unless the cost arises from an injury while taking part in certain activities, such as:
- attending school
- engaging in a sporting activity
- a secondary student undertaking a work experience program
- voluntary services to a religious, charitable, educational or benevolent organisation
- youth activities organised by a voluntary association such as guides or scouts or
- travelling to or from the above activities.

2. Fixed amounts for defined events. For example, when a student accidentally receives a fracture of the hand, the policy will pay a fixed amount of $250.

For information regarding all defined events covered under the policy and the fixed amount payable, please call the SchoolCare Helpline: 1300 138 498

3. Other benefits related to the injury sustained, including:

· Emergency transport resulting from an accidental injury

· Home tuition

· Hospital inconvenience allowance

· Nursing allowance

· Professional counselling fees and

· Assistance with payment of school fees in the event of the accidental death of a parent or guardian.

These are all limited to specific amounts per accident. These amounts are detailed in the table of benefits contained in the policy, and are subject to the policy wording, terms, conditions and exclusions.

If you have any queries regarding this cover, please contact the CCI SchoolCare Helpline: 1300 138 498 or visit the dedicated website,

* This information is of a general nature and is provided as a summary only. You should consider obtaining independent professional advice to ensure that individual circumstances are properly considered. See the policy document for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

Catholic Church Insurance Limited ABN 76 000 005 210, AFSL No. 235415

Opening School Mass

Friday, Feb. 12th, 10:30am

1788 The Horsley Drive

Horsley Park, NSW

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

P & F Meeting

Monday, Feb. 15th, 7pm

74 Sherwood Road

Merrylands West, NSW

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Year 12 Information Evening

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 7pm

74 Sherwood Road

Merrylands West, NSW