Selena Gomez is a super famous singer and actor. When she first got in show biz, she was just a little girl ready to become a star. Now she is a professional singer who goes on tours and sings at professional concerts.

Selena Gomez has always been a star since the day she was born. You're probably wondering where she got her inspiration from. Selena got her inspiration from her mom. When Selena was just a little girl, her mom acted in plays at theaters in their hometown. Selena always loved how each actor got to put costumes on, read scripts, and be in a whole other world and that's were Selena Gomez got her inspiration from.

Once Selena became a teenager, she was ready to go to Hollywood. To let producers and directors see her amazing talent. When Selena was a teen, her and her mom moved to Hollywood for Selena to get a better chance at acting. After a month of living in Hollywood with her mom, she found an acting role for the show Suite Life Of Zack And Cody. Selena said,"I remember being nervous to play the role because my character had to kiss Zack" also known as Dylan Sprouse. She was nervous because it was her first time ever kissing a boy.

When Selena was seventeen years old, she got the chance to be on a new show on Disney Channel called Wizards Of Waverly Place. She played the role of Alex, a teenager who was a wizard and had magical powers with her wand. When the show came on TV, the producers thought she had singing potential to sing the theme song of the show and they wanted to hear more of it. In 2008, Selena signed a contract with Hollywood Records. Then in 2012 she created her band called Selena Gomez And The Scene.

Selena Gomez has gone through a lot to become the famous star she is. Can you relate to some of the events in the story? Do you want to become a professional singer or actor one day? I hope you enjoyed my story and that you get the chance to read again next time.