Math Parabola Project

By: Kate Hubbard and Niya Velez

Hubbard Arch

Magnolia Park - 615 Madison Street Coppell, TX

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Standard Form: .43x^2 + 1.72x+1.72

Vertex Form: y= (-10.5/16)(x-2)^2+10.5

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1) What does the height of the Hubbard arch when the width is zero represent?

It represents the Y coordinate, which in this graph is (0,10).

2) At the spot where the Hubbard arch hits the x axis, what does this represent?

The spot where the Hubbard axis hits the x axis represents the x intercept, which is one of the roots, which is (6,0).

3) What is the maximum height of the Hubbard arch?

The maximum height is 10.5 feet.

4) What is the width when the Hubbard arch reaches the maximum height?

The width was 4 feet.

5) What is the domain related to the distance the width is for the arch?


6) What is the range related to the height of the Hubbard arch?


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(picture with negative y coordinates labeled)