Cloud Computing

"The Cloud"

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What is Cloud Computing?

Allows you to access the Internet anywhere, anytime and being able to use any or all of the data and applications that you want. It analyses potential buisness downfals, or uprises, and helps you take the right cource of actions to achieve it. It also finds potential co-workers and asks you if you want to include them in your buisness.


  • Accelerates Buisness Process innovation
  • From marketing, sales and commerce to human resources and legal, IBM delivers SaaS business applications used across the enterprise.
  • Connect people with collaborative business networks

  • Easy file sharing

  • Analyses your workers to decide who would be the best in your work group.


  • It's never going to give you exact addresses, hardcoded, but it will need at least to provide a broker mechanism that can tell you.
  • Without a cloud provider, your data secutity is questionable.
  • Everything is on the internet, and not on a hardware device; therefore, it is easier to get the infromation without protection.
  • When the system analyses the potential workers, it looks at their social media. Invading their privacy.

In Conclustion...

Cloud Computing is a good addition to have to access your data anywere, however you must hire a cloud provider to be protected.


  • Per-user, per-month subscription pricing
  • No upfront capital investment required
  • Start with as few as ten users and add more as you need them