August 26-30


Good morning,

What a great start to the school year! Thank you for everything you did to make it successful. I can see we are going to have wonderful students this year, and some that we can see will challenge us are right where they need to be. You will make a difference with these students and have success stories to share in May.

Have a great week!

Aim High and Dream Big!!


Friendly Reminders

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What's Going This Week

This week is Math Supervision.

Monday- Pro-Core Testing Starts

Tuesday- Volleyball at NR

Wednesday- EH - TBA

Thursday- VB Game Home verses Hamersville

Friday- Rene's Birthday- SF Dress Down Day


8/26 ( M)

  • Share about their weekend or something positive about their first week of school

  • Check Progress Book

  • Set goals for the week

8/27- (T)

Module 1- ⅚

“ Understanding Myself’

1.) SIA survey

2. )Begin a strengths journal/folder

3.)Tape a list of character strengths . Students circle the ones they think are their strengths.

4.) Students fill out an Exit ticket writing about which strengths they think they will use at home.


Have the students discuss traits they have used at home. And talk to them about identifying traits they see in their peers and their families. Have them each come up with an example of trait they have seen in someone else and share.

8/28 (Th)

  1. Pairshare traits used at home.

  2. Share kid president video https://youtu.be/l-gQLqv9f4o

  3. Ask students what strengths were shown

  4. Divide class into four groups . Pick six traits per group and have the students act out the traits. (p.17) Some may want to create a skit.

8/29 (F)

Team Building- Hula Hoop Activity



Big picture

Brain Development in Young Adolescents Good News for Middle School Teachers

Middle school students are experiencing tremendous brain growth during their adolescent years. It is up to us to capitalize on this time in their lives. Take a moment this week to read the article( by clicking on the link below) to best teach to the middle schooler's developmental needs. Here are some main points in the article:

You can improve student learning by doing the following:

1. Present limited amounts of new information, to accommodate the short-term memory.
2. Provide opportunities for students to process and reinforce the new information and to connect the new information with previous learning. (Encourage students to talk with their classmates about the new information; have them debate or write about it; create small group discussions.)
3. Provide lessons that are varied, with lots of involvement and hands-on activities. Brain stimulus and pathways are created and made stronger and with less resistance if they are reinforced with a variety of stimuli. (Create projects; use art, music, and visual resources; bring guest visitors into the classroom.)
4. Provide lessons and activities that require problem solving and critical thinking. Brain growth is enhanced and strengthened through practice and exercise.

When planning lessons, middle school teachers must keep the goal clearly in mind and make sure that students can reach the goal in multiple ways.

Teachers should:

  • Teach students how to study. There are many resources for teachers to structure these experiences.
  • Establish, teach, and practice consistent expectations and routines. Don't expect to tell students once and have them remember and follow the "rules."
  • Use process charts to detail steps on a long-term project and revisit these steps periodically.
  • Use graphic organizers to assist in visualizing problem solving.
  • Distribute assignment sheets that clearly articulate benchmarks, timelines.
  • Color code materials (e.g., assignments in blue, new information in red, long-term project information in violet) to help students put the material into a context and take away the thinking and categorizing work to orient the brain as to what should be done next.

Parent/ Family Newsletter

I have decided this year to include my Parent Newsletter so you can be up to date on information sent home.

Always a fun video. Sorry if I shared last year.

Baby Got Class -- A back to school parody | The Holderness Family
Big picture
Big picture