freak the mighty

carson polgar period 5

analysis of the development of theme

so life is short so you need to live it to the fullest. Freak or Kevin has a very little life span he only lives until he is 13 that is like a hole 1 year older than me. And a another one is that people can be dangerous and kill you.

reflection and application of theme

The author is telling us that life is short so live it to the fullest and that you should never get down by something that someone says or does to you that is up to you. If you want to be sad or glad or mad or dead or even happy that is up to you you should be able to do all that stuff with your life you will be able to control your life style. And this relates to my life because i might gust get killed going home from school and i am only 12.

Freak the mighty

Freak the mighty is a good book i would recament it to other people because i think that they would enjoy it as much as i did. They would have a blast reading that intense book it will blow your mind away and you will never want to put that book down until you are finished reading it. OK any ways the theme that i think it has is that life is short so live it to the fullest you know. And there is this kid named Kevin.People call him freak because he has a distorter that makes him no grow and so he is only like 3 feet tall and is really smart. Look some of the smartest people on the earth are handy caped like Steven hock-ens he his like way smarter that you so don't judge people by the way they look.