Computer Hardware

Thomas Goltz

The reason why you might be interested in this field is because you can make things better. More than 95 percent of people in this field live in metropolitan areas meaning that you are still by people, and are not secluded from the rest of the outside world. You will also be at the cutting edge of the computer industry working with teams finding ways to improve the computer hardware. They also have to use their logic to solve problems that make faster and better.

Average Day

The average day may consist of drawing blue prints to develop and test hardware systems. Computer hardware engineers take components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, and routers. They also have to think of ways to make the things that they build faster and faster.


The starting salary is around $63,970. It has a great area of increase, with the ability to increase to $150,130. The salary that was in between these was not exactly in the center, but the median wage is about $100,000.

Education Needed

For most people trying to get entry level positions into computer hardware engineers is to have a bachelor degree in computer engineering. Computer engineering is like electrical engineering, but with a heavy emphasis on computer science. Most employers want ABET accredited courses.