Ultimate Destination For A Break At The Beach


- population: 77,695,904

- size of country: 780,580 sq km

- religion: Muslim (99% mostly Sunni) Christian/Jewish (1%)

- biggest city: Instanbul

- capital city: Ankara

- currnecy: 1 USD = 2.76 Turkish Lira

Things To Know Before Traveling

- toilets in hotels are very very low to the ground

- in some rurual communites, there are certain dress codes where you need to cover up body parts

- cheapest way to travel through city is by bus

- some public bathrooms charge 1 lira to go in

- bathroom stalls usually do not provide toilet paper

- do not eat meat that is sold on the street, can be dirty and cause food poisioning

Fethiye Beach

beautiful blue watered beach!
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Blue Mosque In Instanbul

- got the name "blue mosque" because inside, there are blue tiles covering the interior

- must take off shoes before entering

- best time to go is at mid morning because the mosque closes for 90 minutes at each pray time which is 5 times a day


- summer: temperate, hot, dry

- winter: mild, wet, harsh