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February 2021

Let's Celebrate....National School Counseling Week

It is with great pride that Penny Road Elementary School celebrates our School Counselor, Mrs. Jeanna Leauma during National School Counseling Week. Mrs. Leauma spends countless hours serving our school community by helping our students with academic, social, and emotional concerns. Here at Penny Road, we celebrate her dedication and the work she does to promote student success and improving outcomes for all students.

Employee Transfer Period

The Employee Transfer window opens on Feb. 1 for teachers, instructional assistants and clerical staff who wish to transfer schools in the 2021-22 school year. The window will close on May 20. During this window, your employees may interview and accept positions for the next school year without your permission. After May 20, interviews and/or transfer requests for the 2021-22 school year will require permission from the employee’s current principal permission and approval from Human Resources.

Employee Transfer Process

2021-2022 PRE Intent Form (All Certified and Non-Certified Staff should complete form.)

Happy Birthday

Chapri Jordan - February 13

Stephanie Murphy - February 16

Amy Finez - February 17

Leigh Wilbourne - February 18

Lack of Participation Letters & Student Retention Letters

Lack of Participation Letters

Letters are being mailed to families of students who are not participating in remote learning. These students have little or no data on their progress toward grade-level mastery due to their lack of participation, letters are being mailed home. In the letter, it states that parents are to reach out to teachers for a conference to create a plan of action. Email Mrs. Hoke if you would like for her to attend the conference. More information will be shared during PLT's.

Participation is defined as poor attendance and a lack of assignment completion. These students may have blanks or zeros on the report card as their level of performance cannot be determined.

Student Retention Letters

Some families will also receive written correspondence to alert families to the possibility of retention due to their child not meeting grade-level expectations. These students have engaged in learning, but are not progressing toward grade-level mastery. These students may have 1 on their report cards. This letter should be sent to families by February 19th at the latest (preferably sooner.)

A Retention Committee will be established to review all student retentions along with the process. In the meantime, teachers should review student performance to determine who needs to receive a Retention Letter. Please complete the following document by February 10th. Retention Guidelines. Both processes will be reviewed with teachers either during PLT's or briefly on Wednesday before Dream Keepers. See admin with questions.

Thank you~

Black History Month

Thank you to Mrs. Leauma for creating Black History Month activities. We are excited about this project and our hope is that our students will enjoy it as well. More information will follow regarding a very exciting culminating project that will allow for plenty of creativity and student participation. Students will also have Moments in Black History highlighted by Mrs. Hoke during the morning announcements.

Here is the list of books that will be used, most will also have an activity that could be done in the classroom or at home. Each book has a linked read aloud that you can use with your students or share on Google Classroom.

Shining Brightly Shout Out Corner

Kira Hamilton

AIG students produced and narrated their own TED talks. Students did a fantastic job providing feedback to their peers. Well done, Ms. Hamilton.

Lindsay Daniel

Helped out and stepped up to a colleague who was under the weather. Thoughtfulness does matter.

5th Grade Teachers

5th Graders celebrated their "HOUSE," awards. It was heartwarming to see how students celebrated the success of others. Thank you for teaching your students the importance of celebrating others.

Robyn Kozemko & Kate Peacock

A shout out goes to Robyn & Kate for creating our weekly announcement templates. Thank you, for creating an easy to use platform.

Pat Williams & Front Office Staff

Thank you, for your support. Helping others during times of need is really when the rubber meets the road, so thank you. #TEAM(Together Everyone Achieves More.)

Trent Crumpler & Crew

Thank you to Trent and everyone who helped out with material distribution. That is a huge task every quarter. Thank you for your willingness to pitch in. Y'all ROCK!!!

Student Engagement Event -- MVP Penny Road Prize Patrol - February 8, 2021

The Penny Road Prize Patrol will ride out on February 8th to deliver our Gradel Level MVP signs. We would love to have as many of our staff roll out with us to see our kiddos, so please plan to join us if you can.

Additional Information: Teachers have the autonomy to create a student schedule on that day that will accommodate participation in our Student Engagement MVP Event.

Details --

Meeting Location: In front of the school at 10:15 am

Departure Time: 10:30 am

What to Bring: A fun spirit, signs and plenty of smiles

* No ride-sharing.....Everyone will need to drive themselves due to social distancing.

Welcome Back, Ms. Denise! We are so happy to have you back at PRE!

Too cute.....enjoy~

Cuddly and clingy: panda cub refuses to let go of caretaker's leg