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The Core Network is a fixed communication network, which may be, for example, the fixed part recharge api free of a GSM network, a B-ISDN network or NISDN, a data transmission network, PDN, a satellite connection systems, etc. Network access is made radio network controller, which is designed to recharge zone examples manage the radio resources assigned to the access network and organize and oversee it and the radio nodes, which is structured transceiver equipment in keeping with modulation technique and multiplexing adopted.

The architecture is structured on layers of 3G networks, which enables efficient delivery of voice information and data recharge api free services. A layered structure of the network are included with an open interface, standardized, allowing operators to rapidly introduce and develop new services. Using IP or ATM (fig. 5), or a combination thereof, allows the network layer than closely as possible to both the data transmission and voice information.

A complex network contains routers, ATM switches and recharge zone examples transmission equipment. 3G networks, voice and data information are not treated separately, which leads to decrease operational costs than if separate treatment of the two components of the transmission. Application layer provides an open interface for recharge api free applications for creating flexible services. Such services are mobile commerce (m-commerce), location-based services, entertainment services, information services, teleworking etc.

One of the main new features of 3G systems from those shown 1G and 2G is the dynamic allocation of system resources for users. 1G and 2G systems If ON, the user recharge zone examples received communication resources (frequency band and time) on start of communication and OSI kept unto the completion of these resources, on 3G, resources are dynamically allocated. Actually dynamic use of resources is achieved for the first time on mobile systems on 2+ generation of GPRS. 3G resources offered are the power, and the combination code interval.

Their allocation to the user is on the needs of communication and resources can be changed on the same communication session. 3G can perform various services. It is expected that the introduction of various categories of services is gradually on stage. Briefly, the introduction of new 3G services is recharge api free presented on overall conclusion is that UMTS mobile telecommunication's system representing the near future for Europe, was developed in the countries of the European Community, gathered together on technical connection with the systems developed by Japanese industrialists.

With other systems of 3G can provide global communication links and a wide range of services, initiate operational since 2002 and with great development during the years 2005 2010. On necessary and sufficient condition is that the GPP and working groups GPP2 to establish a common basis for the necessary interfaces and recharge api free software you need to make roaming, especially on systems UMTS and cdma2000 with the group.

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