October 13-16, 2015

It was an awesome week!

Last week was incredible - our Viking Bands performed at the 8th grade football game vs. Liberty. We had lots of fun and look forward to our next football game performance on October 27. The next game will be at Eagle-Mustang Stadium, and we will play for the 7th grade A team game.
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Friday, Oct. 16th, 6-10pm

1820 North Floyd Road

Richardson, TX

All of our Viking Band students will participate in the annual Practice Marathon this Friday night. For those auditioning for All-Region, you will have a master class on your music, including practice and performance help. Everyone else will attend a session to work on our music for our upcoming concert. Dinner is served and parents are invited to attend the last hour, where our Region students will take turns performing, and all of our band members will run through our grand finale for our concert, Mission Impossible.

Every student needs to bring their folding music stand for this event. We do not have near enough music stands to go around, and having those will be a huge help!


We have challenged every student with the goal of raising $125. As you know, we are a non-profit organization and receive very little monetary support from sources other than fundraising. Please consider reaching out so that our band students have all of the financial support they need. A pledge sheet may be found on our website by clicking "Current Members, Forms, Practice Marathon Pledge Sheet." Thank you!


Monday, Oct. 19th, 7pm

1600 North Coit Road

Richardson, TX

In addition to learning our football music and all-region etudes, we have also been hard at work preparing for our first concert! Join us as all of the Viking Bands perform next Monday evening in the J. J. Pearce Auditorium. Attire for the Band students will be their new band shirt and jeans (no shorts, please). Students will receive an itinerary in class this week and will have a call time of 6:15pm. The concert will last under and hour and we hope to see you all there!



Due to the short week and the upcoming Practice Marathon, there are no sectionals this week. However, we encourage all of our students who are auditioning for All-Region to pass off phrase 3 and 4 of their etudes before Friday. Use the extra time before and after school to get that Goal Sheet sparkly!


Congratulations to the JJP Mighty Mustang Band for receiving 2nd place at the Festival on the Lake marching contest yesterday! We are proud of our Viking Band alumni and all of the MMB - it was a fantastic show!
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Let's have another amazing week and GO RANGERS!!!