Terry's Perseverance

The man who teached us "Perseverance"

Why Terry Fox continues to inspire Canadians: The National

Never give up!

"I believe in miracles. I have to." This is a famous quote in Canada and around the world. It was said by a young man named Terry Fox. He is the Canadian who ran across the Canada to raise money for cancer research. People learned a lot from Terry. One of the thing was feeling of perseverance. Perseverance means the effort required to do something and keep doing until the end, even its hard. I think this word best discribes him. He never give up running even though it was hard and painful for his leg. It was difficult to him but, he ran throught the snow, high wind, rain and cold weather. He ran every day until the very end. Even though he past away, lots of money are raised every year around the world.

High School Athlete Riley Quinn Inspires Teammates with His Perseverance

An 18 year boy named Riley Quinn made a final tackel of the championdhip game, thwarting a potential winning touchdown by the opposition. He was born without a hand. But he joins team like the others do. He joins in football, basketball and baseball. His football coach says "He isn't a kid with a handicap who is on our team, he's a two-year starter and a captain. He's one of our best football players." His team mate also says that how he works makes him special. Quinn says he like to try new things and by playing sports, he can find new things he can do. He teaches us that if we have a perseverance, we are able to do things like how Quinn did.

Ayano Kamiya

Grade 10