Dowling's Dream Team

March 2015

A Little Note From Me...

Its time to Spring Forward!

Congratulations to those ladies who finished February strong despite some crazy winter weather. It can be a challenge to overcome unforeseen circumstances in our lives. Our businesses have peaks and valleys, and if you have been with Thirty-One for more than a season or two you may start to notice a trend for your business. Reassure yourself that this is perfectly normal and make a plan to approach a particularly slow month(s) differently next year,

As we look ahead to brighter days and sunny getaways, help your hostesses and customers plan solution sets that will make Spring Break travel or Spring gift-giving a breeze. Be sure to wear and share the love that we have to offer. Challenge yourself to speak to 3 new people a day about Thirty-One or better yet, pass out 5 mini catalogs as you go about your daily routine. There are so many women who have never heard of Thirty-One, or if they have, they are not familiar with our newest additions...Jewell and JK. These two new collections can be a breath of fresh air especially if your business is dependent upon the same circle of friends and family.

We have been given some wonderful boosts to our business by Home Office lately...FREE Hostess items for our March Hostesses, Amazing Customer Specials and new products to keep our loyal fans coming back for more. Take advantage of this exciting time and enjoy the ride...I have a feeling March is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!



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Our Team Stats for February

  • Total Team Sales - $ 13609.50
  • Total Number of Parties - 14
  • Total Number of Recruits - 1
Learn all about your NEW Virtual Office!

Our virtual office is will be offline March 16-19 for system upgrades. It will be bigger and better than ever when it returns on March 20. Plan ahead!

Leadership Incentive Trip

WooHoo...Staci Precanico has earned 12 Stars and will be enjoying some Fun In the Sun in the Riviera Maya again in September 2015! Way to Go GIRL!!!!


We are so happy for Jessica Flynn Cuchel and her husband Eric. They welcomed their new baby girl, Madison, into the world on February 7!!
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Exciting March Hostess Announcement

Have you heard the news? March Hostesses will receive their half-off Hostess Reward product for FREE! And…did you know…personalization on this product is FREE too?! It is! So be sure to share this fun fact as well!

But that's not it - Home Office is also going to help you spread this news to your Customers on Tuesday, March 10 with an email sent on your behalf. You'll for sure want to follow-up with all of them by the end of next week if you haven't heard anything from them already!

JK Incentive Earners

Congratulations for partying your way through February and earning some fabulous FREE jewelry from our new JK collection!

Level 2 Earners: Jacquie Ezzo, Staci Precanico

Level 1 Earners: Kristi Coleman, Helen Glynn

Share (and wear) the LOVE at your March parties to kick off the launch of our new JK Giftable Jewelry line -- available for purchase starting March 16!

My Personal Stats

  • My PV - $1006.50
  • Number of Parties - 3
  • Number of Recruits - 0
  • 25% Commission (and my paycheck had I not chosen leadership) - $251.63
  • Total Paycheck as a Director - $588.55
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Dowling's Dream Team

If you give your business a little, your business will give you a little bit of money

If you give your business a lot, your business will give you a lot of money

If you give your business all that you have, your business will give you all that you could ever want!