Why elephants are important?

where elephants live.

Where elephants live.

Sometimes elephants have their own habitat.They weigh about 6000 kg and 5.5 m. They need food, water, air and other stuff they need to survive. They eat plants. They live somewhere in Africa. Help them now or they will be extinct. They are really strong. They do lots of things with there trunk. They are very smart. They are very big.

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Top ten facts

1. I learned that they're getting killed by poacher's.

2. I learned that poaches hunt illegal.

3. I learned that elephants eat plants.

4. I learned that elephants are almost extinct.

5. I learned that some people put them in zoo.

6. I learned that some animals live in deserts.

7. I learned that elephants do lots of things with there trunk.

8. I learned that elephant's have big ears.

9. I learned that you need to take care of animals when your a zookeeper.

10. I learned that elephants are really strong


I came across an elephant

On the way to school

His trunk was very long

And his legs were very strong

I hid him in my back pack

So that teacher would not see

He stayed there very quietly

Until frightened by a mouse