Prauge, Czech Republic

Julianna's Dream Vacation

Prauge Facts

My dream vacation is Prague, Czech republic in Europe. Is located on the East side of the world, northern hemisphere. I would love to visit Prague because of the wonderful architecture. It is so great because of the architecture, music, people, art and the giant, amazing Prague Castle.

10 Facts about Prague

  • In the world war, Adolf Hitler, thought the architecture was so beautiful and amazing, he would not let anyone touch or break the beautiful architecture.
  • Prague is in the exact center of Europe.
  • The 9th century Prague Castle, is the oldest castle in the world.
  • Czech Republic and Slovakia are now separate.
  • Prague is divided into ten districts and each districts have neighborhoods of which are connected to by three metro lines and an efficient tram network.
  • The main attraction is the is the Jewish museum which is made up of the synagogues and old Jewish cemetery.
  • The Czech's love the outdoors.
  • Weekends in Summer, In Czech Republic, it is reserved for camping, hiking and alot of mountain climbing.
  • During Christmas, Czech's will not eat turkey, they would rather eat carp.
  • You can't go to Prague without walking the length of the Charles Bridge.10 meters wide, half a kilometer, and and on 16 big pillars.



JIt will take 16 hours and 40 minutes to get to Czech Republic, it takes this long because it is 5539 miles away.I also have a stop in my flight for 5 hours and 15 minutes. I am not taking anyone with me to Czech Republic. I am going to get there by plane, and I will stay there for about 6 days.


I will stay in a very beautiful Prague hotel, called The Barcelo Praha Five. This hotel has 134 rooms. This hotel is arranged over 7 floors.Check-in time starts at 2 PM.Check-out time is 2 PM.Credit card or cash deposit required,Government-issued photo ID required. I will need to pack walking shoes, because the metro's are very expensive, and it is much prettier walking; shorts, it is very hot; and pony tails; once again it is very hot in the summer.

Cost and Prices

It will cost $300 for me to stay at my hotel for 5 days. My plane trip is $2,500 to be in first class and get back. It will cost me 425 Crowns for dinner for 5 days. Each crown is worth 40 cents. I would have 150 dollars for my spending money. For my entire trip it will cost $3430 for everything.


I am going to visit the beautiful and architectural Prague Castle. The castles outside walls are like a small town, with many people selling old jewelry and souvenirs. I can also visit the many gardens and buildings. Going to Prague castle will give me opportunities to walk the Charles bridge, see magnificent gardens, and see amazing old, architectural buildings. Going to Prague will give me a chance to learn their culture, their very fine culture.


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