Lenski Weekly Update

September 2, 2022

From the Principal's Desk

Thank you all for another great week! We love having your child here at Lenski. Our classrooms are up and running. It’s incredible to observe our students interact and engage in complex tasks together! I had an opportunity to sit in a 3rd grade classroom during a connection circle, and it was so wonderful to hear about what the best part of school has been so far. Students shared things like math, recess, meeting new friends and teachers, EVERYTHING, and science, to name a few!

Our PBIS Team met yesterday and are excited to announce that next Friday, September 9th, will be HAT Day at Lenski! Have your Superstar plan on wearing their favorite hat to school.

Mark your Calendars: In collaboration with PTO, we are excited to have a Family Movie Night on Friday, September 23rd as the sun sets. Stay tuned for more information.

We appreciate your partnership in everything we do at school. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


Jessica Slattery

From the Office

Dogs are the cutest things ever!!! However, we aren't allowed to have them on campus for various reasons. We love this time of year when the weather is so nice and more folks are walking to drop-off and pick up their kids, but we ask that you please leave "Fido" at home when coming on school grounds. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

We are excited for our upcoming Run for Funds fun! Be on the lookout next Tuesday for more information on how to support your student!

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From the Counselor

Adjusting to a New School Environment

Every new school year brings changes - new teachers, new friends, new things to learn. This year at Lenski, many students and families are feeling this change a bit more as Peabody and Lenski came together. Change can be hard! For some kids, the transition may be smooth, but for others it can be difficult. For these children you may notice:

  1. They may feel a little more anxious or fearful, as they tend to feel safer when they know what to expect.

  2. Children may be quieter than usual, retreat, or seem to question everything.

  3. They may have more attitude or act out.

  4. Children may have difficulty sleeping, which can affect their mood or academic performance.

The most important thing to remember is to have patience. For some students this adjustment may take weeks to months.

  • Talk about and validate feelings. “It sounds like you are feeling nervous, let’s talk about what we can do to help you feel more comfortable at school”, or “I know it feels like you may not have many friends. You will get there! Let’s talk about ways to make a new friend.”

  • Encourage new friendships or extracurricular activities.

  • Set small goals, such as “Say hi to a new person each day” or “Invite someone new to play”.

  • Get involved in the community. Volunteer at school or participate in Lenski’s community activities.

  • Watch for signs of strain and stress. If you notice these, talk to your child’s teacher or reach out to Mrs. Ritchey. We can help come up with ways to help your child adjust to school and feel successful.

    • repeatedly refusing to go to school

    • throwing tantrums whenever school is mentioned

    • recurring meltdowns when you try to bring them to school

    • separation anxiety and needing you more than they have in recent months or years

    • changes in sleeping or eating habits

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Important Dates

  • September 5th: Labor Day No school
  • September 6th: School Fees are Due
  • September 9th: Wear a HAT to School Day!
  • September 16th: PTO Sponsored Fun Run!
  • September 22nd: School Picture Day
  • September 23rd: Wear a Jersey to School Day!
  • September 23rd: Family Movie Night
  • September 30th: No School for Students
  • October 20th: No School for Students
  • October 21st: No School for Students
  • October 30th: LPS Stride!
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